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Monday, June 04, 2012


The Ocean City Police Department is mourning the loss of veteran K9, Indy, who passed away on May 17, 2012. Indy, who retired from the department in September 2009, came to the OCPD from Holland, at which time he became the dedicated and faithful partner to Sgt. Ronnie Townsend.

Indy joined the OCPD in 2004, and spent hundreds of hours training in the Patrol/Narcotics Division. During his time on patrol, Indy assisted in the apprehension of dozens of illegal narcotics. In addition, Indy has had close to 500 deployments over his career. One of the biggest professional accomplishments came when he found a kilo of cocaine in a vehicle. “He loved his job and he loved serving the Ocean City community,” commented Sgt. Townsend. “He was the most loyal, hard working and dedicated partner I could have ever asked for.”

Along with the seizure of drugs, Indy is responsible for an estimated $15,000 in U.S.currency seizures. When Indy was not working the road, he often participated in demonstrations for the Ocean City community. He enjoyed being involved in the Town of Ocean City’s Bonfires on the Beach, National Night Out, the Citizen’s Police Academy, the Mayor’s Open House and the July 4th Jamboree.

Indy’s love for his job and his commitment to his community will be remembered by many, but his love for his family will also not be forgotten. “Indy was a great partner and an even better family pet,” Sgt. Townsend continued. “He will be remembered for his hard work and loyalty to the Ocean City Police Department, but also as a member of my family. He will always be loved by us.”


Jack K Richards said...

So sorry to hear of your loss Ronnie and the loss to OCPD. You were a fine officer and I know you loved that dog. Remember many of the good old days. You have to be about the last of the oldies. Take care my friend

Anonymous said...

Uh, ... it was ONLY a dog.

Please get back to humans.

Anonymous said...

6:14, you have obviously never had a pet. And this dog was more than a pet.

Anonymous said...

Retirement after five years? Where do I sign up. Woof, Woof!