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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dogs On Bypass

Mr. Albero,

I just came home on the bypass and there were 2dead dogs on the bypass south bound lane between St. Lukes Road and the end of bypass (on the little bridge in between) Cars were swerving and trying not to hit them again. I hope you can help I did not know who to call hope someone can help!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Shame.chances are one dog wouldn't leave the other after it was hit. Hell I would've stopped and moved them took more time to type that comment then it wouldve to do the humane thing and move them.

Anonymous said...

Joe your love for animals is AWESOME. But honestly what can you do about this?

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 6:58, I really don't know WHY I'm wasting my time with a reply but I'll give you that courtesy.

The owners of these animals that are now missing from their homes will now know that their beloved pets are no longer with us.

While it is always an unfortunate situation it is reality and something these pet owners must face.

So do tell me, am I supposed to keep this information from them????

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is going to sound hurtful.. but why the heck is this a problem for Joe Albero?? This is what wrong with the world, as soon as someone has a problem, they want someone else to help. Try fixing things YOURSELF!

Ever hear of Google??

Wicomico County Animal Control - 410-749-1070

Or lookup the non-emergency number for MSP? First match in Google tells you 410-749-3101.

Or, Fruitland PD 410-548-2804 (or 2803 if no answer)

If if you're so concerned, go move them yourself!

Anonymous said...

Some people reach out for help to do the things they can not either mentally or physically do. Could I get out physically and moved them? Depending on the size maybe. Could I mentally do it, no way. I'm a big baby when it comes to the death of an animal. If that makes me a wimp so be it.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the number to 911 here? Jeeze, people!

Anonymous said...

Joe Anonymous 6:58pm Here.

I am so sorry I was not looking at the post that way. I was looking at it like "Two dead animals on the road and the county needs to pick them up". Again please accept my apologizes.You are right someone is missing their loved ones. I know how that feels.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is Joe Albero's Problem . I called the Wicomico State Police Barrick, Wicomico Dog Control, and several other numbers, but since it was after 5PM no one was WORKING!!!!!!! AND NO I am not able to get out of my car and move them to fix it MYSELF, that is why I tried to call several agencies for their help. My last resort was sending a post to Joe so maybe the loving family would know where their dogs are sad as it may be. AND YES YOU DID SOUND HURTFUL 7:03 so next time just don't leave a comment.

Daddio said...

There was no answer by calling #77?

That number is a free call on any cell phone and rings directly to the dispatch of the MD State Police.

Anonymous said...

If you can't get out of your car, how did you get into it? Where where you going, and how did you plan to get out of the car when you got there? I am tired of lazy jerks wanting their every want taken care of by others. I am seeing more and more net posters claiming handicaps when accosted about being too lazy to take care of something. Rant over.

Anonymous said...

The Maryland State Police now have a recording to answer their phone calls. WTF...that's just awesome! So NOW they have even LESS to do other than write tickets. Please won't someone find a way to take their pay and take home cars away from them. They are overpaid, egotistical, hang outside a bar to get a dui arrest, write a ticket moneymakers.

Anonymous said...

The owners have been notified. They are grieving tremendously over the loss of their beloved dogs. Maybe we should just keep them in our thoughts and prayers instead of arguing about who should have done what. I would also like to thank MSP for tracking down the owners do they could give them a proper burial.

The Overholt Family said...

My name is Jennifer Overholt and these were my dogs that got hit. Finn, my Lab-Pit mix was 4 years old and the other one is Cooper, my 7 year old Boxer. They were well behaved dogs but sometimes Finn felt that he needed a run. He has taken off before but never gone towards the bypass. We always found him at Woody's Pest Control around the horses. Cooper normally didn't take off but I am assuming that he wanted to keep Finn company. My father was out looking for them and when my husband and daughter got home, they started looking for them as well. Fortunately I had a Home Again microschip put in Finn's neck and the Fruitland Police contacted my old address. My husband and father then went to pick up the dogs. My family is still hurting and it is very hard to explain something like this to a 6 year old.

I do not think that it was Joe Albero's problem to find the dogs or to contact us but I appreciate that this was posted and someone tried to get us help. For those of you who gave the others a hard time about who to call, back off. I doubt you would have done anything had you been there. You probably wouldn't have called the police either. You would have called the owners reckelss and probably thought we got what we deserved for letting the dogs loose.

I loved these two dogs with all of my heart as does the rest of my family.

Anonymous said...


I am very sorry for your losses. My family too lost our two dogs at the same time due to different circumstances but the hurt is all the same. I wish you and your family well. Although it is not my place to do so I also would like to apologize on behalf of all the egotistical persons posting negative comments.