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Monday, March 19, 2012

TRAIN RIDE......So Fast Its A Short Trip

Here's the deal: You have to appreciate the speed from the shot taken from the bridge. You thought the train from Paris to Avion was fast at 300 km/h but this is something else. I wonder how far back it has to begin slowing down for the station. Imagine going through a station at full speed!This is a high speed train built by the Alstom rail group in Belfort , France . They share manufacturing facilities with the GE Energy Products Europe (EPE) Gas Turbine group. The video was provided by the GE EPE Chief Engineer in Belfort .The train hit 574.8 Km/h which works out to 357.2 MPH or Mach 0.482 - wow! In particular, watch the train going under a bridge with people watching. This is FAST!! And it is powered by electricity and controlled with Apple iMacs.


Anonymous said...

This would be great going from the East coast to the West coast. We are one of the few countries that did not seem to support trains as in Europe.Would not be good for site seeing!

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome train.It wouldn't work from Boston to D.C. though.With so many stops the train would have to start slowing before it reached speed.I wonder if the French operate this at a deficit or is it self sufficient.Great video.