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Friday, March 30, 2012

Prostitute Blames McDonald's For Driving Her Into Profession

We've heard of people blaming McDonald's for getting them fat or burning their grandchildren with hot liquid, but rare is the occasion that the fast food giant is accused of leading one into a life of prostitution. But if you live long enough, you see everything, hence a federal court case in which a woman accuses McDonald's and her franchisee ex-husband of pushing her into the world's oldest profession in the 1980s.


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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. If this woman suceeds ill be no good.I'm sorry . After all this time she wants to say something.I think she's just mad that no one wants to pay for her services anymore.i mean it has been thirty years now. No one to blame but herself.she could've got away from it.she couldve asked fir help.