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Friday, March 30, 2012

Housing Authority: Helping Public Housing Residents Become Home Owners

“I've been living in public housing ever since I was a little girl,” Beckham said.

Beckham, a hard-working single mother of five thought she would live in public housing for the rest of her life.

But now, her new townhome, paid for by the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA), is considered a stepping stone to becoming a homeowner.

“When I had children I just wanted them to grow up in their own home but, I knew I couldn't get one on my own because of credit issues. So I gave up,” she said.

Beckham will live in the southeast Washington community with other aspiring homeowners who are all part of a brand new, and first of its kind, program for public housing residents.

Beckham will continue to pay 30 percent of her income to DCHA. But, now, that money is going into an escrow account to eventually become a down payment on a new home. She will also be counseled on budgeting, career advancement and on raising her credit score.

Beckham will have five years to complete the program. She says she knows she'll cross the finish line—especially with the support of her new community.


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lmclain said...

How admirable! And disgusting. Public housing "since she was a little girl" (meaning her mother lived in it, too). FIVE children (that she can't support, so WE get to do THAT, too). "Credit issues", which means she doesn't pay anyone for the credit or services for which she contracts. Now the money she pays for rent will go into an "escrow account". So the costs of the building and it's related upkeep will now be borne by (you guessed it) OTHER people. This womans' ENTIRE life has been one of "gimme, gimme, gimme". Perhaps SOMEWHERE in all that "couseling" she could get some on how birth control works, how children need TWO parents, what "personal responsibility" means, and lastly, what "career" is she supposedly going to "advance"? Irresponsible child-bearing? Theft? I guess obama thinks SHE'S paying her "fair share". A NEW townhouse, too?! I have to ask -- where is her incentive to change? Thanks for listening. Now give her some free health care. Oh, my bad. She already has THAT, too.