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Friday, March 30, 2012

Assange And Anonymous Acting As Predicted?

Anonymous Supposedly Plans to "Kill" the Internet on March 31 ... Planned DDOS campaign against DNS is meant to highlight piracy legislation issues. Al Gore may have finally met his match. While members of Anonymous aren't planning on inventing the internet, they are planning on destroying it – supposedly ... The DDOS campaign is expected to target the world's 13 domain name servers (DNSs), that allow the public to use the internet by translating human legible text-string URLs into machine-readable IP addresses. If the attack indeed materializes and if the DNS servers are all taken down, the Mayan apocalypse could come early -- the internet could blink offline. – DailyTech

Dominant Social Theme: We just have to figure out what's natural and then fake it.

Free-Market Analysis: Julian Assange wants to run for public office in Australia, his home country, and Anonymous wants to destroy the Internet, temporarily anyway. We are not surprised.

The Internet is like the Gutenberg Press before it. During the era of the Gutenberg Press, the social order was overturned. The Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment rolled like waves over Europe and America.


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Anonymous said...

Go ahead and try; you may not be successful. But if you are, it will just send voters towards voting for government internet control. This, according to YOU, is what you are against.

Soooo.... WTF??????