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Saturday, February 18, 2012

This Week In Poverty: Perfect Storm Threatens Long-Term Unemployed

In December, there were more than 13 million unemployed workers and about four people looking for work for every available job. According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), 5.5 million people have been unemployed for more than half a year, up from 1.2 million in 2007, and the average duration for an unemployed person is over nine months.;



Anonymous said...

Impeach Obama.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eye on Waukesha, Wisconsin......
Their biggest employer just moved out.
Thanks Jeff, you're a "real" American....give Barrack our Best !!

General Electric is planning to move its 115-year-old X-ray division from Waukesha,
Wis., to Beijing, China. In addition to moving the headquarters, the company will
invest $2 billion in China and train more than 65 engineers and create six research
centers. This is the same GE that made $5.1 billion in the United States last year but
paid no taxes-the same company that employs more people overseas than it does in
the United States. So let's get this straight. Obama appointed GE Chairman Jeff Immelt to head his commission on job creation (job czar). Immelt is supposed to help create jobs.
I guess Obama forgot to tell him in which country he was supposed

Anonymous said...

Rice is okay but I don't like it that much.