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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cop Charged With Stealing Drinks From Co-workers

It's something that happens at some workplaces -- items suddenly come up missing from the company fridge. But it has happened so often at the Deer Park Police Department that they decided to watch the refrigerator with a surveillance camera. And now a police officer faces charges.

The police chief told us someone had been stealing lunches, drinks, even 60 pounds of deer sausage out of the break room fridge for about a year and police employees were pretty mad. So, the chief authorized a sting operation on the refrigerator.


Editors Note: Does this happen where you work?


Anonymous said...

LOL! Criminal's stealing from criminals.

lmclain said...

I wonder if the employees at K&L Microwave called the police to complain that THEIR lunches were being pilfered, would the police come and install taxpayer paid camera's and have police monitor them and make an arrest, or are the police the only ones who get to spend their time and equipment (paid for by TAXPAYERS) to find out who is taking their ham sandwiches? Just asking...