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Friday, February 24, 2012

Gas Tax Gimmicks, Yet More Taxes, WSJ On O'Malley

Baltimore Business Journal on Gas Tax 2/24

MBRG comments on what it is behind the proposals to divert a small percentage of the massive new transportation revenues for emergency services.

MBRG: It's a cruel gimmick to justify what is otherwise unjustifiable. It's not about roads and bridges. It's about tax increases, peroid."

O'Malley Administration: "This was not an effort to garner support for the bill."

Daily Record "News Maker" Interview 2/23

"Any time you have the opportunity to look at spending cuts, whether you call it 'doomsday' or 'new day,' it's an opportunity to look at spending." - Kim Burns

Daily Record Profile of MBRG 2/23

"MBRG will be watching this whole issue of taxes. I hope it doesn't extend beyond the gas tax, but I've been picking up that they might extend taxes, like the services tax or other expansions of the sales tax, " -Kim Burns

Citybizlist Op Ed from MBRG 2/23

MBRG Agrees with Gov. O'Malley: Facts are Stubborn Things

Earlier this month, dueling opinion articles ran in The Wall Street Journal about Governor

O'Malley's record.Citybizlist Baltimore posted an article today from Maryland Business for

Responsive Government that examines the facts. Excerpt below, with a link to the full article.Governor O'Malley: "We have delivered these results with a balanced approach of record cuts, investment, and-yes-balanced revenues..".MBRG: The Governor and the legislature have enacted $2.1 billion in 17 new taxes and fees since 2007.


lmclain said...

Maybe voting will help. Its done SO much in the last 25 years. First they tell us the tax will be used for road construction and maintenance. AFTER its passed, they (surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!) want to "divert" a "small" percentage for "emergency services". I thought THAT was covered by the 911 "surcharge". I just can't seem to know who to vote for. Or believe. They wouldn't know the truth if you shot them with it.

Anonymous said...

If you look at history the Democrats have always been tax and spend and then tax and spend some more. Although today it is more like spend and spend and spend then tax to pay for it.