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Friday, February 24, 2012

Virginia Will Not Require Invasive Vaginal Ultrasounds

After an understandable uproar over a mandatory procedure that federal law would consider rape, Virginia legislators have opted to forgo the invasive and most definitely uncomfortable procedure for women seeking abortions. On top of a big invasion of privacy for all women, the legislation could have re-traumatized women who sought abortions because of rapes. A meeting last night led legislators to reconsider the vagina wand provision, reaching a compromise that would make the procedure voluntary, but not mandatory, reports The Washington Post. We're not sure what woman might choose to have an ultrasound used in this way, but, now they get a choice. And with that, the never-ending reproduction debates continue.

And here's self-proclaimed pro-lifer, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell backing away from the proposal in an official statement released this afternoon.


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Anonymous said...

Its not like they are virgins. What will be next, tampons?