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Friday, February 24, 2012

Beach Horseback Riding Now Offered

OCEAN CITY -- While the jury is still out on the long-term future of horseback riding on the beach in Ocean City, the first attempt on Wednesday morning was clearly a success.

After considerable debate, the Ocean City Mayor and Council last week approved in a 4-3 vote horseback riding on the beach on a limited basis as a means of attracting more visitors to the resort in the off-season. On Wednesday, the first small group of riders took advantage of the new opportunity on a picture-perfect February morning, trotting along the water’s edge as curiosity seekers and onlookers gathered.

“This is a really special day,” said Councilman Brent Ashley, who promoted the idea before his colleagues. “I think it’s going to be good for business and bring a lot of people to Ocean City. It’s entertaining for the riders and I think it’s beautiful for the visitors.”



LuCinda said...

Yeah. Just what I want to do...
Load up my horses in the trailer that is pulled by a diesel powered F250. Drive through OC to the overflowing parking lot just to ride on the beach. Gas prices going up another 20-30 cents this weekend?
No Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Who takes care of the droppings? They slip out unnoticed most of the time.. Must be a fee involved to allow it after all there years.

Anonymous said...

If Ocean City wants to make money they should let atv's and such on the beach for a fee or licence. It would draw way more people there in the off season!