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Sunday, January 22, 2012

US Deploys 12,000 Troops In Libya

The United States has sent some 12,000 soldiers to Libya, in the first phase of deployments to the oil-rich North African nation.

According to Asharq Alawsat, the troops landed in the eastern oil port city of Brega. 

Although the deployment is said to be aimed at generating stability and security in the region, the troops are expected to take control of the country's key oil fields and strategic ports. 

Brega, the site of an important oil refinery, serves as a major export hub for Libyan oil. The town is also one of the five oil terminals in the eastern half of the country. 



Anonymous said...

Here we go again, bullets for oil. Are we there to save people? No. Are we there to protect democracy? No we're there to control oil.

Ron Paul will stop this bullcrap.

VOTE Paul 2012.

Anonymous said...

Oil again... half a trillion dollars for about five hundred dollars worth of gas go bankruptcy of the United States