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Monday, November 28, 2011

Broadband Internet Could Bring A Half-Million Jobs

The Federal Communications Commission says the plan to bring broadband Internet to rural America could produce a half-million jobs. NextGov reports that the FCC is looking to create more than 111,000 jobs per $1 billion spent. The agency plans to redirect $4.5 billion from landline operations at rural phone companies toward broadband. They believe it'll take about six years to create more than 500,000 jobs.


Anonymous said...

Must not be very good jobs. $1 billion dollars divided by 111,000 jobs is only $9,009.00 per job. Welfare and unemployment pay more than that.

Anonymous said...

$9K per billion spent. The article mentions $4.5 billion so that would be That would be times 4.5 B, so around $40K per job.

I wonder why the Post Office didn't get into offering internet and bill paying services? Maybe they weren't allowed? It seems like something that would be within their scope though.