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Monday, November 28, 2011


Kensington, MD — NOVEMBER 14, 2011 —CONSERVATIVE VICTORY PAC announces its launch as a Federal PAC; located in the State of Maryland.

Last year’s historic election in this country showed overwhelming support for conservative fiscal policies and practices. Everywhere conservatives pulled ahead as voters showed their support and confidence. But the machine politics incumbent in Maryland did not change. The State of Maryland remains almost the last outpost where liberal unfairness reigns at the hands of a politically ambitious Governor who seems immune to criticism and immune to prosperity. Last week additional businesses left Maryland in favor of better more profitable environments. This is happening in record proportions every week, every month and every year in the State of Maryland. Add to that the overwhelming taxes for absolutely everything in Maryland and Maryland comes in almost dead last in popularity. Who wants to come here? How can we prosper here?

Before you invest time and money defending political candidates for State or Federal offices in Maryland CONSERVATIVE VICTORY PAC wants to ask you WHY? If you live in Maryland, work in Maryland, rear children in Maryland, and own a Maryland business or property and you really don’t want to relocate, CONSERVATIVE VICTORY PAC is a clarion Call to action for you.

CONSERVATIVE VICTORY PAC President, Chuck Floyd, “I am a Maryland business owner and home owner rearing my children here. Every election year politicians come to us asking for support. In return these politicians tell us they can guarantee security in our jobs, our businesses, and even in all of our basic human needs. Then the Aha-moment strikes: we pay more to the politicians, more to the government that they operate and yet every year we are poorer and less secure in all of these things they have promised to do for us. Look around; who is getting richer and living it up? The politicians, their families, and friends are living it up. Something is wrong with this picture.”

Join the fight of a lifetime to keep what you hold dear and hard earned: Our Maryland values and our Maryland way of life. Join us to raise public awareness of the plight of Maryland locked in the stranglehold of machine politics. Join us to support high-caliber Conservative challengers to the incumbent monopoly in Annapolis and in Washington, DC. Join us to win and overturn this Goliath machine of destruction.

Join CONSERVATIVE VICTORY PAC: Volunteer advocate, participate, and contribute. Take back the life that you have earned and the life that all Marylanders are proud of.

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