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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Maryland State Police Berlin Barracks

Time: 11/27/2009 2015 Hrs

Case #: 09-96-008048

Location: 52696 Stephen Decatur Highway

Crime: 1 st Degree Assault

Victim: State of Maryland

Accused: Waldon, Isamu Remington III 1-17-89

On above date and time, A Trooper from the MSP Berlin Barracks responded to the above location in reference to a loud party and underage drinking involving 25-30 people. A trooper from the Berlin Barrack was attempting to place one suspect under arrest when a second suspect struck the trooper with a vehicle in an effort to stop the arrest. The motor vehicle then fled the scene after striking the trooper. The vehicle was located and the driver, Waldon Isamu Remington III, was arrested and charged with Assault 1st degree, 2nd Degree, and other related charges.

Disposition: Taken before the Worcester County Commissioner


Anonymous said...

Waldon will be released on Monday morning since he was the victim of over zealous police officers which lead to him with a BAC of .0000 and being humiliated while all the while innocent as he had proclaimed. The actual driver is awaiting extradition from Sussex County after a passenger in the car turned the guilty party's name over to authorities. I hope the media takes time to make the public aware of these developements and the innocence of Waldon Remington III.

joealbero said...

anonymous 9:51, If the MSP sends us a press release of such we will be more than happy to publish it. Until then, you are anonymous with no name, with all due respect.

OCSurfsUp said...

Wow, looks like Remington is still in jail. What happened to being so innocent and being released this morning? Guess he wasn't so innocent! Ever look at his rap sheet? Impressive! He will be there until the judge posts a bond on him and I'm sure it's going to be a high one. I think the police got there guy. When his court date is all said and done he will be spending some well deserved time in jail, and not for the first time for the little pot head. Also way to show some sympathy for the Trooper who got ran over and could have lost his life. I hope he sues.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OC Surfs UP -- Way to support your own! You crab eating redneck! This kid has no rap sheet other than trying to make himself better and paying his way through college. Too bad a cop's pride is putting the wrong man behind bars. No DNA and no damage to car. He's innocent! FREE WALDON!!!

Anonymous said...

oc surfs up sounds like you failed the test and didn't make the grade.

Anonymous said...

I dont know who OcSurfsUp is but i dont know one person who lives around here who wants to see Waldon in trouble. He hasnt been convicted of anything yet so dont get your hopes up and dont get on a lame form and talk sh*t on a kid that you dont even know

Anonymous said...

walden is innocent. he's a good person and those who believe otherwise are biased and completely wrong. ocsurfsup is on crack

Anonymous said...

OCSurfsup , guess you were wrong, as all charges were dropped, you just made a clown of yourself