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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is verrrrrrrrrrry interesting. Jamie Rostocki, the point man on Waller Landing, is on this website: and states that HE "wrote all zoning codes and design restrictions for neighborhood {i.e. Waller Landing}"

What the heck??????? Everyone was told Hebron paid their TWO attorneys and two consultants to do that? Looks like Hebron just rubber-stamped what the developer put before them for Waller?

The photo of Rostocki on this site is pretty good--he should try wearing that to the Hebron meetings--what did he wear to the last Hebron meeting? A tee shirt with a naked woman and very sexually suggestive words on the back...................disrespectful AND tacky.

So......let's see what we know: Waller Landing was advertised for tax sale last year for failure to pay Hebron and County taxes and paid up just before the tax sale; the LLC was forfeited by State Dept. of Assessments and Taxation; when the LLC reinstated, the Resident Agent for the LLC was not correct and now we learn that Rostocki says HE wrote the zoning codes and design restrictions for the project. Sweet!! Hebron, wake up!


Anonymous said...

Dont hire illegals, were watching you.

Anonymous said...

How's his big development in Delmar doing?

Anonymous said...

Rostocki had told everyone that Waller Landing was his first project--Hebron is where he's cutting his teeth and Hebron officials are suckers for this tag-team of Rostocki and his partner, the Rocker Dude.

Looks like developers wrote their own zoning and restrictions for the project--what did the two attorneys the town hired to do it get paid for?

Hebron officials are totally clueless--they bought into the developers scheme hook, line and sinker!

Anonymous said...

His project in Delmar is on hold. Tidewater Utilities is now backing out of part of their agreement with Delmar to provide water/sewer and with the housing market like it is, Jamie would never make any money off the project, atleast not the millions he WAS going to make.
Another instance where GREED bit you in the butt! Enjoy it Jamie!

Anonymous said...

Jim is a high energy guy, but he's no intellect. He bailed out after 2years of college with mediocre grades, and can barely spell. His claim that he wrote the zoning code for the development is self puffery pure and simple.

Beyond this I'm sure that 99% of the code was copied, cut and pasted from existing codes in similar developments. No one writes a zoning code from scratch, it would be stupid to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hebron--I think a truism that my Momma told me applies to Hebron and Jamie Boy and Rocker Dude--"you don't go to bed with the first one that asks you"

Hebron absolutely did that--and now the Hebron TAXPAYERS will have to pay for the folly of Hebron "leaders". Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rostoki needs a proof reader, maybe the Univ of DE could provide one with at least 3 years of schooling...can't even see the obivious misspelling of Eastern-it's the second word on his link!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Rostocki, is a wannabe. And Hooper, Dwyer, Ayres, Morris AND Holston and his band of followers just believe anything he says--what's up with that? Lots of folks want to know the 'true' story--and heard somebody high up in the State has been asked to look into things.

jrostocki said...

Sorry for the confusion with the wording. I think the new update better reflects what happened during the approval process.

Anonymous said...

Not only should this guy not be able to write design guidelines, nor should any developers' lawyer or consultant. Secondly, he didn't write "zoning codes", only the Wicomico County Council and their consultants "write" zoning codes. Anyway, that's just a misunderstanding on the author's part. Most importantly, no lawyer ANYWHERE should ever be allowed to write a zoning or DESIGN ordinance or guideline. Only architects, urban designers, city planners should be writing them. Anything else is purely irresponsible. Not to rail on lawyers, but doesn't that explain why we have such issues with clarity and applicability of zoning codes and design guidelines? In a word; YES.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hebron will become the next Salisbury and we can lend them some of our hookers and drug dealers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rostocki--this is just ANOTHER 'mistake, oversight, error, whatever' on your part. You never seem to get it correct until pointed out to you by others.
It is a full-time job keeping you on track with constant supervision.

This entire process from the very beginning of the annexation of this land has been saddled with errors--first annexation notice was even wrong, costing (according to news report) over $7000.00. From then on, it's been loosey-goosey. We are not stupid here--we know the errors.

Anonymous said...

These two guys (the true "outsiders" of Hebron-- Hooper likes to also call us 'outsiders' when disparaging those who live just outside town)have not handled this project well at all.

Small example: Have they even found the cemetery yet that they promised to find over a year ago? No they haven't done anything at all. So many other indications that they miss the mark.

I hope they have learned that Hebron citizens are smart and have the ability to see the things that have not been done correctly. We're not bumpkins--and we dress better than them, too!

Anonymous said...

I hope these two developers don't come to my town. They sound like they are newbys who saw a sleepy little town with sleepy little officials where they could sell their ideas with no trouble. What a set-up; they should go back to where they came from.

Yes, there are hundreds of angry people because of what they and Hooper and Holston are doing to our town.