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Friday, May 22, 2020

Multiple Universities Refuse to Cooperate with Federal Investigations into Ties to China

Several universities around the nation are currently under investigation by the Department of Education over their alleged financial ties to the Chinese government. A report published this week suggests that many universities are refusing to comply with a standard request to produce internal documents.

According to a report by the College Fix, several universities and colleges that are under investigation by the Department of Education are refusing to release internal documents that may contain evidence of undisclosed financial grants from the Chinese government.

The report claims that lawyers for several universities refused to comply with a request to produce documents, arguing that they were entitled to privacy under “Freedom of Information Act exemptions and legal privileges.” A letter from the Department of Education did not name the universities and colleges that have refused to comply with the request for documents.

Department of Education General Counsel Reed Rubinstein believes that many American universities and colleges have been compromised by foreign governments, China being one of the primary governments in question. “However, the evidence suggests massive investments of foreign money have bred dependency and distorted the decision making, mission, and values of too many institutions,” Rubinstein said.



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Anonymous said...

Of course not who do you think is pushing Communism on campus? Look around at SU and you can spot the Chicoms walking around the campus

Anonymous said...

They are then performing acts of treason against the US for not cooperating with these request / investigations. Pull all US Tax dollars, State / Federal for 10 years if they don't fully cooperate.

Anonymous said...

Did you want Me to pass on those orders?
Or are you going to handle it?

Anonymous said...

They also have trouble with the truth. I'm calling on all readers of this blog to keep contacting the university President's office and their PR dept about the "racist graffiti" case. They have exhibited no effort to reveal the results of their so called "investigation". Who was the culprit SU?

Anonymous said...

Hammer time.

High Desert Dawg said...

PULL ALL TAX DOLLARS. INCENTIVES, ETC. The Feds should also view the refusal as guilt, and immediately investigate.

Anonymous said...

Treason demands more punishment than withholding funds