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Friday, May 22, 2020

Russian woman miraculously walks away from 120-mph motorcycle crash

A Russian biker is lucky to be alive after crashing during a street race that topped out at 120 mph, video shows.

The hair-raising footage, posted Sunday to Instagram, shows a woman on a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R with an apparent death wish as she races alongside another driver near Sochi before her bike starts to wobble.

The woman, reportedly known as Angelina, then bails off the motorcycle before crashing to the asphalt. Another man nearby came to check if she was OK as she composed herself after the stunning wreck, video shows.

The woman astonishingly avoided breaking any bones during the crash, walking away with just scratches and bruises, the Sun reports.

“All my body hurts,” Angelina tells the man. “Please, ambulance.”

“Calm down, breathe,” one witness replies. “Do not move anything. Leave your helmet. Do not move, lie as you are.”

The female daredevil then said she had a “speed wobble” during the street race.



Anonymous said...

Don't mess with Russian women!

Anonymous said...

Let me change those bandages for you. I'm a professional.

Anonymous said...

It happens all the time with racers nothing miracle about it.