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Friday, May 22, 2020

A Viewer Writes: Cops/FBI Manufacture Lottery Theft Scheme

2-Blacks were arrested in Maryland for theft of $42,500 cash Lottery theft.

However the State Police,FBI,Maryland Treasury,Maryland Comptrollers Office nor Maryland Lottery Commission all failed to produce a Lottery. In fact Lottery Commission under Subpoena by me had to Certify there was never any such Lottery won as the racially biased State Prosecutor would allege.

However, the police and FBI hunted 2-innocent blacks down to Miami Beach,Arrested a innocent kid to which they denied phone call and attorney for 14 days. Parents were unaware of child's whereabouts as police lied in DADE COUNTY claiming they had never seen her.

Single mother finds out calls police,ACLU and IAD in Maryland all refused to file official charges against police and FBI for false arrest.

Mother was then arrested for conspiracy scheme to help steal the phony lottery and state refused to drop charges and unconstitutionally has been holding mother under $25,000 Bail for a crime that dies not exist. When mother challenged Prosecutor he would smear her character with a friend on the bench Judge Baynes alledging Mother was unfit to stand trial or testify. Which all is untrue.

I have documents to show and verify this was a racial hate crime orchestrated by 2 white cops as December 17,2019 The Assistant State Attorney Nathaniel Bowen had his criminal witness get on the stand to lie and he actually told the truth as Defense showed him evidence that he would purger himself and be jailed.

Prosecutor still refused to drop the phony case against the black family. Police claim there was more than $42,500 cash stolen but there was no eyewitness nor official records to verify the false allegations and manufactured testimony.

Mother case still pending in Circuit Court in Elkton after 1 year for a crime that never happened see court file case# C7-CR19731 Judge K.Baynes Cecil County Circuit Court arrested 6/14/2019

court file case#D-032-CR-19-000468 Judge Baynes/Judge Brenda Sexton arrested 3/4/2019

State alledges career criminal is a victim of financial loss greater than $100k, then it went to $42,500. However this man has stolen $17,000 in checks and M& T Bank,State Of New York Banking Commission,Delaware Insurance and Banking Commission just assisted GEICO in the full refund of one of the stolen checks$4876.00 which belong to (me) the mother who was falsely arrested for nothing. However police refused to arrest the man they have actual hard evidence against without victim statement or testimony as he forged and cashed each check at his Middletown Bank in Delaware [Wilmington Trust aka M& T Bank.

Please come see paper trail as man made large deposits without a job nor any IRS or state tax,Dept of Labor records in the USA.


Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: What the h=ll did I just read or attempt to read? This must be an example of the current state of public/government education. Literacy? I think not!

Anonymous said...

Shove your documents up your ass. The word racist has become just a buzz word for "I got caught and now I'm gonna blame whitey." You may indeed be 100% correct in your accusations but you have used "racism" as an excuse for your failures as a race for so long it rings hollow. It means absolutely nothing anymore to people with good sense. Thinking people know what is going on. Civil war is coming and it was created on purpose by the demoncrats and people like you and your faux (that means fake) "racism."

Anonymous said...

To Northwest Woodsman-all you gotta read is the word "racism". That tells you all you need to know. Everything is whitey's fault-that's what it all boils down to. Same old shit we've all been fed for ten years now.

Anonymous said...

Whew, that was weird.

Anonymous said...

After reading that my brain needs a rest.

Anonymous said...

Cliff notes in English, please?

Anonymous said...

I cannot follow that twisted incoherent rambling.