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Monday, December 02, 2019

Hoax Watch: Dem Sen. Murphy Says Withheld Aid to Lebanon is ‘Next Ukraine’

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) raised the alarm last week that President Donald Trump still has not released U.S. aid to Lebanon — in the same way that he refused to release aid to Ukraine earlier this year. But the Connecticut Democrat may have highlighted one of the strengths of Trump’s argument against impeachment.

One of the most overlooked moments during the impeachment inquiry in the House Intelligence Committee last month was when senior State Department official David Hale testified behind closed doors that the president held up aid to Lebanon at the same time as, and in the same manner as, aid to Ukraine. Though both aid packages had been approved by Congress, Trump blocked both of them — and, in both cases, did so without explanation.

However, there may be a very good reason to withhold aid to Lebanon — a reason the public has not been told.



Anonymous said...

Why are we aiding another Islamic terrorist harboring country? Hezbollah owns the place. Cut them off. Surround them to keep the Communists in Syria out and let them wither on the vine.

Anonymous said...

So why withhold on Ukraine who is fighting Russia, our supposed enemy?

Anonymous said...

Giving aid, withholding aid, its called foreign policy. And the presidents, whoever they are, are in charge of foreign policy. The dims are attacking the Presidency now, and not Trump.