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Monday, December 02, 2019

Newsweek Fires Anti-Trump Reporter Behind False Thanksgiving Story

Until today, Jessica Kwong was a political reporter for Newsweek. More specifically, it was her job to keep an eye on the Trump administration, the Trump family, and the 2020 race for president. This week, however, she was fired. The reason? On Thanksgiving Day, she published an article in which she claimed that the president and first lady planned to spend the holiday golfing, tweeting, "and more" some such. Sadly for her, President Trump secretly flew to Afghanistan, where he met the troops (and served them turkey).

After President Trump had landed, pro-Trump Twitter users rightfully went after her. One of her fiercest critics was First Son Donald Trump Jr. "The President spends his Thanksgiving with American troops deployed in Afghanistan, including serving them lunch," he wrote on Twitter. "Meanwhile, over at the Fake News..."

That tweet was retweeted over 8,000 times, which was a sure sign that the story about the Newsweek hoax had gone viral.



Anonymous said...

So far, the Leftist media hasn't had much luck outguessing this man.

Anonymous said...

So why is the editor still there?

Anonymous said...

Deliciously ironic that they fired her for"fake news" when most of the Media does nothing BUT report fake news.