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Monday, November 11, 2019



Anonymous said...

I still think Trump is the smartest.

lmclain said...

Look at the amazing number of people with college degrees (!) in art, English literature, or history (and quite a few other worthless degrees they paid big money for) who believe THEY are MUCH smarter than Jefferson.
They are better economists, political thinkers, writers, scientists, and scholars than Jefferson could ever be.
Just listen to them.
They have an answer for EVERYTHING.

Ok, they don't. What they have are talking points provided by MSNBC and CNN from last nights pseudo-newscast. True or not, outrageous or not, they gobble it up and spit it out like little robots.
They think erasing student loan obligations and giving everyone free medical care is a perfectly realistic political platform.
They think allowing another 100 million immigrants into the USA with no language skills, or the ability to read or write, is perfectly reasonable and without repercussions.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Leonardo da Vinci