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Friday, November 08, 2019

Bunk Mann publishes second book about OC

The western wall of Hunter “Bunk” Mann’s living room is covered from ceiling to floor with history books.

“I put them up when journalists come over,” Mann joked.

Despite a long, fulfilling career in the insurance industry, Mann said his dream — if he could go back in time — would be to become a history professor at a small college.

His love of history is what inspired him to write his first book, “Vanishing Ocean City,” and now his latest book, “Ghosts in the Surf.”

“The title of the book … it’s not about Halloween or something,” Mann cracked. “The ghosts are the memories and the people that have passed on.”

Mann’s new, 340-page book has well over 700 photos and hundreds of anecdotes from Ocean City inhabitants, past and present.



Anonymous said...

Incredible job. Get one

DAG said...

I saw one of these books for $196.00

ahhhhh, where can we buy them cheaper