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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A Viewer Writes.........Wicomico County Schools

Below you will find several emails sent and received by parents of a child that attends a Wicomico County School. This post is extremely long and shows the extent parents go for their children, yet are getting no where with the school system. We chose to remove the names of the student and parents.

On Fri, Nov 8, 2019, 8:17 AM ***Father** wrote:

I am writing to follow up on **Mother** emails in regards to **Student** safety.
She has written several emails to everyone included in this email with zero response from anyone.
Her emails where sent on 10/9/19, 10/11/19, 10/22/19, 10/24/19, 10/28/19 and 11/4/19.

She also spoke to Ms. Curtis on 11/4/19, she said she was the attendance officer at Westside Intermediate School. Ms. Curtis was going to follow up with Mr. Nunzio. She also said she agreed that keeping **Student** home was the correct thing to do until we have a resolution to the issues.
I personally am shocked but not surprised at this lack of communication from the school district.
**Student** has been bullied and hit by this same student multiple times this year and when reported the first time only one email saying it would be looked into.
**Student** now has missed school again over the lack of safety and the school district has ignored continued pleas for help.
I also spoke to Deputy Bowers and he said he would ask Mr. Nunzio and Mr. Hughes follow up and still nothing.
**Student** will be not returning to school until you can assure his safety. The afternoon driver has bullied **Student** for 2 years and again with repeated attempts on our part to have the situation corrected he continues to bully **Student**.

It would only be polite for a call and at this point I believe it should be from the top. Dr. Hanlin I would appreciate a phone call. It has been a month of one sided communication. 

Sent: Friday, November 8, 2019 10:30 AM
To: Donna C. Hanlin <DHANLIN@WCBOE.ORG>; David Owens <>; Kimberly Miles <>; Chris Nunzio <>; Desmond Hughes <>; Michael Bowers <>
Subject: Re: **Student's name**

I appreciate the call from Mr. Nunzio today but he said since the assaults and bullying happened on the bus it is Mr. Hughes who is responsible to address them.
However Mr. Hughes out of office reply states he is out intil the 18th.
So again why has no one responded until now? If Mr. Hughes is supposed to address then why no response from him except a brief email after the first assault? Nothing since. Who is his supervisor? Ms. Fields? Nothing from her either. Who is her supervisor? Dr. Hanlin? Nothing from her either. So who is Dr. Hanlin's supervisor?
Dr. Hanlin you sent out a robo call a few weeks ago in regards to Salisbury Middle school and the lack of communication with parents. You claimed it was not true and that the school district has great communication with parents. Well that is not my experience over the last 2 years. We have had to send multiple emails and include the school boards for the state and federal government to get responses. I would think that when safety is in question over communication from the school would be the goal. As the head of the district you are the one ultimately responsible for your people and their actions or lack of actions, I would say you are failing your students in this area.

**Signed Father**


On Fri, Nov 8, 2019, 5:16 PM Donna C. Hanlin <> wrote:
Good evening, Mr. ****.
Thank you for making me aware of your continued concerns for **Student**. Please know that our ultimate goal is for **Student** to feel safe and to be successful in school. While the last email on which I was copied from *student** mother was October 11th, I will be working with staff early next week to investigate your concerns. Enjoy your weekend. We will be in touch next week.

Dr. Donna C. Hanlin
Wicomico County Public Schools

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 3:11 PM Donna C. Hanlin <> wrote:
Good afternoon, Mr. **Father**
As promised in our exchange at the end of last week and into the weekend, I have been working with staff to determine what has occurred with the breakdown in communication specific to your wife’s emails, and to also determine the status of concerns on the bus. Here is what I have learned:
Staff in our Technology Department have done an analysis on emails from your email address as well as your wife’s. Most of her emails were blocked either because of incorrect addresses (she is putting a dot between employees’ first and last name) or our filters for language have stopped an email chain from being delivered. I never did receive the emails that you resent, but do see that the email chain that you were attempting to resend was blocked as a result of our language filter. There has never been any intent to ignore communication. When we don’t receive the communication, we can’t respond. We want *Student*

in school feeling secure and learning as much as you do.
As far as the concerns on the bus, it is my understanding that Mr. Hughes will be reaching out to your wife today. I have asked that if he is unable to make that connection, that he let me know. Thank you.

Dr. Donna C. Hanlin
Wicomico County Public Schools


Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 3:19 PM
To: Donna C. Hanlin <DHANLIN@WCBOE.ORG>
Subject: Re: **Student**

Dr. Hanlin,
Blocked due to language? What does that mean? The language used was to quote what **Student** had to hear on the bus. If my 9 year has to hear the words then we should be able to report them.
If an email is blocked why where no notifications sent to the people on the chain?
Also why no follow up on the emails that you all did receive?
Deputy Bowers has asked both Mr. Hughes and Mr. Nunzio to reach out to us for over a week. We spoke to Ms. Thompson and Ms. Curtis at Westside who also stated they would have someone reach out since they were not aware of the situation had called to check on *Student*. Ms. Thompson called over 2 weeks ago and Ms. Curtis over a week ago.
You really need to make sure when it comes to a child's safety that when parents report it that those reports are not blocked, dropped or ignored.



On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 5:40 PM Donna C. Hanlin <> wrote:
Mr. **Father**,
It would be very helpful to me in analyzing the issues/questions that you have raised about blocked emails to be able to see them. Would you mind putting them in the mail or dropping them off? I assume that your work schedule is still taking you to Florida, so whatever is convenient. I am aware that you have spoken to Mr. Nunzio and that Mr. Hughes responded to the initial email indicating that he would review the matter. Deputy Bowers then became involved, and I believe at that point, your communication was with him. I do know that Mr. Hughes spoke to Ms. **Mother** this afternoon. She requested that he email her, and he will be doing so. At this point, we all need to focus on moving forward and getting **Student** back in school.

Dr. Donna C. Hanlin
Wicomico County Public Schools


On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 6:50 PM **Father** wrote:
Dr. Hanlin,
I agree getting **Student** to school without fear and intimidation is the goal.
Mr. Hughes told Ms. **Mother** he would not review the tapes and that **Student** was safe. Not acceptable.
He offered no solution nor even talked to **Student** nor reviewed the tapes.

How is that finding a way to keep **Student** safe?
From: **Father**
Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2019 11:30 AM
To: Donna C. Hanlin <DHANLIN@WCBOE.ORG>
Subject: Re: *Student*

Dr. Hanlin,
Mr. Hughes sent an email saying that once again the videos are not available for him to review fron Oct. 9th.
He said on Oct 11th he would review yet we did not hear from him again until Thursday. It is no surprise that rhe video is not available after a month. This is three times **Student* was assaulted on the bus and the videos disappeared. Does that not concern you?
Have someone review.the video from Oct 21st. That was the second assault this year. We included that in the emails that were blocked by your system.

From: Donna C. Hanlin <DHANLIN@WCBOE.ORG>
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2019 12:42 PM
To: **Father**
Cc: Kimberly Miles <>
Subject: RE: **Student**

Mr. **Father**
Thank you for the additional information about the 21st. I understand your questioning about two videos not being available and how you believe that we are hiding something. I can only assure you that is simply not true. It is truly a very unfortunate coincidence. However, even if we had video from those days, often video doesn’t reveal what an investigation can determine. It was my understanding that Deputy Bowers was/is handling that investigation. I have forwarded your communications to Mrs. Miles, Assistant Superintendent for Student and Family Services, so that this additional information can be reviewed, and have asked that she set up a meeting with all involved parties. I don’t believe that we are getting anywhere through email, and Mrs. Miles will facilitate a meeting to bring all parties together to find resolution on behalf of **Student**.
Dr. Donna C. Hanlin
Wicomico County Public Schools

Sent: Friday, June 7, 2019 11:58:37 AM
To: Michael Bowers
Subject: Re: Bus incident with **Student**

Deputy Bowers,
This is *Father**
I am trying to find out when you finish your report on the sexual assault on **Student** how we can receive a copy?


On Fri, Jun 7, 2019, 7:28 PM Michael Bowers <> wrote:

Mr *Father** you would need to request that through our records Division. 410 548 4891

Dfc. Mike Bowers

Sent: Friday, June 7, 2019 10:29 PM
To: Michael Bowers
Subject: Re: Bus incident with *Student**

Thank you. What is the case number?

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019, 8:04 AM Michael Bowers <> wrote:

Mr. *Father** the report number that I did is **-****** and MSP report number is **-******. I can't advise of MSP procedures to get a copy of the report but if you call our records Office they should be able to help you with getting our report.

Dfc. Mike Bowers

From: **Father**
Sent: Monday, November 4, 2019 11:32:39 AM
To: Michael Bowers <>
Subject: Re: Bus incident with **Student**

I am trying to get some feedback and a resolution to 2 assaults on bus 405 (72). *Student** mother reported the first time **Student** was hit on October 11th. **Student** was hit in the face on October 9th. Only response was from Mr. Hughes that he would look into. No follow up at all. *Student* was hit again on Oct 21st and his mother reported it same day via email to Mr. Nunzio, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Evans, Dr. Hanlin and Ms. Fields. She has sent several follow up emails with no response.
It seems like they do not care about *Student*. We have decided we want to file a complaint with you to start law enforcement investigation. *Student* has not even been asked to tell anyone what happened.
Let me know when you want us to file our complaint against the boy and the driver.
I am already worried they have lost the videos as they did last year.


On Mon, Nov 4, 2019, 6:49 PM Michael Bowers <> wrote:

Mr. **Father** I will reach out to Mr. Nunzio tomorrow to see where they are and if your report was recieved. I am not sure what your complaint about the driver would be unless he committed a crime that is not an issue I would deal with. But I will reach out to Mr Nunzio I am at Bennett High all this week.

Dfc. Mike Bowers

Sent: Tuesday, November 5, 2019 12:29 PM
To: Michael Bowers <>
Subject: Re: Bus incident with *Student*

Thank you.
At the least the driver has put *Student* in harms way and abuses his mentally. He bullies *Student* and he is an adult.

From: *Father*
Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2019, 4:04 PM
Subject: Re: Bus incident with *Student*
To: Michael Bowers <>

Det. Bowers,
I feel that we will need to get law enforcement involved since the school is not following up.
Mr. Hughes told *Students* mother he would not watch the video nor make it available for you. I want to know what he is hiding or not wanting to see. My son was assaulted and we are ready to file a report.
Also the school district is not following their own protocols.
No one has even spoken to *Student*. 

I want stressed the lack of action. The first assault this year was on October 9th. Video lost and Dr. Hanlin stated an investigation can show more than video. Today still no investigation. How is that possible.  

From: Mother

Date: Fri, Oct 11, 2019, 3:15 PM
Subject: Bus 72
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Mr. Nunzio, Mr. Hughes and Dr. Hanlin,

We are less than a quarter of the way through the school year and the issues are continuing on the afternoon route on bus 72.

You all need to have an emergency safety meeting and view the video from October 9th, 2019. On that day *Student* was called an idiot and hit in the face by a child named Anthony. This happened on the bus so I want to have the video from that date pulled, reviewed, and preserved. I asked *Student* if he told the driver about being hit and *Student* replied "Why, there's no point? They won't do anything.". How can anyone say that is normal for a child to feel that ? How is this in the realm of acceptability? This needs to be addressed immediately and the child removed from the bus.

The fact of the sexual assault last year, *Student* coming home beaten up, bloodied and bruised, and the near continuous bullying being down-played has empowered the other students on the bus to feel they can bully, as well.

The driver of the bus is also doing his part to (again) bully *Student*. This HAS TO BE this stopped. The driver is telling *Student* to look out the window or read and to "SHUT YOUR MOUTH, *Student**".  *Student* is telling us this is happening on a rather regular basis. It is ridiculous that this has been allowed to continue and escalate from year to year.

*Student* also said he over-heard Mr. Alvin telling a pre-k student who tried to sit in his own assigned seat, that this is HIS bus and that he did not care what Mr. Nunzio said about the seating chart.

We have repeatedly reported the many issues to the school district and nothing happens. The buses are all equipped with video (that allegedly malfunctions when there are "Unfortunate Incidents"). They also have GPS on the buses, but are not used to make sure the drivers are not pulling over and putting children in danger. Last year the driver pulled the bus over on a narrow two lane road (Nanticoke Rd) at a point that has many dangerous curves and forced *Student* to actually GET OFF OF THE BUS (as in, BOTH FEET ON THE GROUND) because *Student* had chewing gum. Making *Student* step off the bus put him in EXTREME danger! And, undoubtedly, violates every safety rule. What type of example of putting student safety first is that? After school had let out last summer we were driving on Nanticoke road and *Student* said "This is where Mr. Alvin made me get off the bus!" He said he didn't tell us because he thought Mr. Alvin was allowed to do that, but that he was really scared of getting ran over.

Clearly, the children's safety does not come first.

It appears to me that the massive amount of violence in Salisbury Middle School is increasing due to the children seeing that they have no consequences when they put their hands on other children during elementary school. And neither does the staff does not care.

If you want the violence to stop then remove the students who are the ones starting the fights. Stop calling them "Unfortunate Incidences", start calling them what they are, and those are physical assaults and prosecute the offenders and stop exposing all the innocent children to this violence and putting their lives in danger.

By condoning these "unfortunate" issues, you are essentially CREATING a culture of violence, permissability, and lack of civility.

Again, we entrust our *Student* to your care for eight hours a day and expect this last incident of assault to be addressed as such.



From: Desmond Hughes <>
Date: Fri, Oct 11, 2019, 3:35 PM
Subject: RE: Bus 72
To: *Mother*
Cc: Kimberly Miles <>, Chris Nunzio <>, David Owens <>, Donna C. Hanlin <>, Rick Smoak <>

Good afternoon Ms. *Mother*,

Thank you for your email. I will plan to have the video from this bus retrieved and viewed on Monday with special attention being focused on October 9th. If we are able to substantiate any of these allegations, we’ll take appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with our code of conduct.

Thanks again!

Desmond D. Hughes
Director of Transportation Services

From: *Mother*
Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2019, 12:56 PM
Subject: Phone conversation
To: <>, <>

Mr. Hughes,
I have yet to receive the email that you agreed to send me during our conversion about the safety of my son *Student*. You called me yesterday and ended the conversation with a promise to email me and here we are the next day and nothing.


From: *MOTHER*
Date: Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 8:17 AM
Subject: **Student**
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

To Whom It May Concern,

Here we are on October 21st and I have not heard back from the head of the transportation department, Mr. Hughes. Even though, I copied in Mr. Nunzio (*Student's* principal), Mr. Evans (directory of student safety), Dr. Hanlin (Superintendent) and Mrs. Miles (Assistant Superintendent), on October 11th 2019 in reference to *Student* being hit in the face on the bus on October 9th. Mr. Hughes sent me an email and stated he would look at the video and handle "the issue". I had requested that the video be viewed and preserved. I was expecting a follow up after his investigation. I also have been told by *Student* that no one has even spoken to him about the incidents described in the previous email. *Student* has developed a lack of trust in the people who are supposed to protect him, I have continued to assure *Student* time and again that his principal and the teachers care about his safety and well being. This has been causing *Student* to lose confidence in his father and myself. I am not surprised by the lack of communication from the leadership of the school district since it has been the pattern.

I am contacting anyone that should be protecting my son, *Student* from being neglected and abused on the bus by both the driver and other students. He is assigned to bus 72 but they are riding bus 405.

Today *Student* came home from school and was crying while telling me how much he hates the ride home on the bus and that he "Will never, never, never go back to school again if he has to ride that bus again". I am beyond understanding on how everyone tells me how sweet, kind and happy *Student* is, yet no one is ensuring his safety and well being even though the school system is In Loco Parentis (which means, according to US education laws, Under tort principals of negligence, educators owe their students a duty and responsibility to protect them). Today the same child that hit him in the face back on October 9th hit him in the face again. *Student* stated that Anthony and the other boy in the seat behind him were being "really, really, really" vulgar, so much so that he turned around, not saying a word to the boys, and looked and was shocked at was going on in the seat behind him. Anthony was on his back thrusting his hips upwards while pulling both of his hands down as if he were holding onto someone while talking about sex and raping girls. The other boy was laughing and doing a similar motion while standing up. That is when Anthony hit *Student* in the face. He then started to make fun of *Student's* penis in front of everyone completely humiliating *Student*, making him feel like crying. He was too embarrassed to cry. This evening he asked his 13 year old brother and myself if there is something wrong with his privates. It took both of us much time to reassure *Student* that there is nothing wrong with him. THIS IS sexual harassment and bullying.

Last week Anthony and the other children were making very crude sexual comments and describing and laughing about rape. They were making obscene and crude sexual motions and Anthony even told *Student*, "I am going to come and FUCK everyone in your family". What is going on? The school district is responsible to protect *Student* and the fact that this driver is sitting right there, with *Student* being in a FRONT seat, and does nothing is beyond comprehension. This has been going on for two years now and the school district has done nothing about this driver's negligence and abuse.

*Student* also said that Anthony, last week, called another little boy who is a five or six years old an asshole. This child's name is Joshua. How can it be that the driver ignored this also? How can the school district condone this behaviour? By condoning these behaviours, which is a form of abuse, perpetuates the abuse and with silence encourages greater abuse. The victims (*Student*) become increasingly afraid to tell anyone. This is the circle of abuse and violence that we are seeing in the entire school district. Where does it stop... well, it doesn't stop. At least not with the persons who have the authority to stop it. This is evidenced by the fact that the violence has escalated. Last year there were no repercussions for the driver's inaction/actions. As evidenced, last year the driver pulled the bus over on a narrow two lane road (State Route 349) at a point that has many dangerous curves and, specifically, a blind curve right prior to where the bus stopped on the road and forced *Student* to actually GET OFF OF THE BUS (as in, BOTH FEET ON THE GROUND) because *Student* had chewing gum. Making *Student* step off the bus put him in EXTREME danger! The driver also has stated he does not care about Mr. Nunzio's rules or seating assignments. He frequently has said, "This is his bus and I will do has I wants".

*Student* told me that last week when Anthony asked to borrow a pencil from *Student* and *Student* said "Sure, no problem". While *Student* was handing Anthony a pencil the driver started to repetitively scream at *Student* to put the pencil down. *Student* said he was terrified that the driver had screamed at him. *Student* also told me that his driver praises Anthony which then affirms Anthony's bullying of *Student*. In the past the driver has told *Student* so many times in the past that the driver tells him to just look out the window and even telling *Student* to stop looking at him in the mirror. The driver has done this so many times that the driver will just motion with his thumb for *Student* to look out the window. The authoritative presence of the bus aid changes the behaviour of the driver. This appears to make the driver realize he will held accountable for his actions.

For the last 2 years we have begged the school district to do their job and hold the driver accountable for his actions and lack of action. They also need to stop the violence and bullying that is happening regularly on the bus.

We expect the videos to be reviewed for the last month and the videos to be preserved for law enforcement. The "malfunctioning" cameras from last year should be repaired by now and proactively monitored.

The law calls the school's relationship with their students, IN LOCO PARENTIS, it states you are responsible for their safety. That you are to protect them as their parents would. Would you allow this to continue if it was your child being bullied by the driver? Would you allow the sexual harassment and the bullying continue if it happened to one of your children?

*Student* has now been physically assaulted 2 times on the bus this year and sexually harassed so we will be filling the appropriate police reports and also filing the appropriate charges with child protective services and the courts.

It is so sad to see my son coming home running to the bathroom with diarrhea and a sick stomach that clears up within an hour or so of coming home. The past 2 years of this neglect and abuse for an hour and a half each and every school day has clearly taken such a toll on him and his personality. Prior to all of this *Student* never had any of these physiological reactions to school. NOT EVER. He always LOVED going to school no matter how sick he was. Now it is going to school that is making him sick.



On Fri, Nov 15, 2019, 1:30 PM Desmond Hughes <> wrote:

Ms. *Mother*,

Per your request, below you’ll find what I was attempting to share with you on Wednesday during our phone conversation.

You had emailed me along with others on Friday, 10/11/19, regarding an incident that had occurred on your son’s bus on the afternoon ride home on Wednesday, 10/09. I responded to your email approximately 20 minutes later indicating that I would retrieve the video and have it viewed to substantiate your allegations. When I responded to your email, I was unaware that the video from the bus had already been retrieved by one of my staff members for an incident unrelated to your son’s route that had occurred the same day. Unfortunately, by the time that I had requested the same video to view for your expressed concerns, it had been reformatted for recirculation in our fleet. Meaning that the data that had been stored on this hard drive had been deleted once we had the requested information from the unrelated incident.

I know that this is not what you’d like to hear however, it is what had happened. Albeit that the 10/9 route was unable to be viewed, I can assure you that the video from this bus has been retrieved and viewed more than any other school bus in our fleet given you and your husband’s frequent email requests. Additionally, since this incident, I’ve requested that when my staff retrieves the video from this bus that they hold on to the hard drive for at least 24 hours before reformatting it to prevent future incidents like this given the propensity of the possibility of the request being forthcoming. I can further assure you that while Mr. Smoak, Transportation Manager who views the majority of our bus videos, had no knowledge of the incident in question, he spot checked some other days and saw no concerns with the general conduct of students’ behaviors on your son’s afternoon route.

In your email you made some other serious allegations regarding sexual assault, the driver bullying your son, and your son being made to get off of the bus while on the shoulder of the road. We have never been able to corroborate those serious allegations. While you may disagree, student safety is our primary concern and if we thought that it was being jeopardized, I would not hesitate to take swift and appropriate action to resolve any barrier restoring that safety concern.

In my conclusion, I don’t expect school bus drivers to hear and see everything that students do while being transported on the school bus as they have to spend a great deal of time focusing on the road and traffic conditions to properly execute their job. However, I do expect them to address concerns that are brought to their attention and to promote a safe environment so that students are ready to learn when they arrive to school. Transportation of students is a partnership and we need the assistance of students, parents, and other partners to ensure the successful and safe transportation of all students.

Desmond D. Hughes
Director of Transportation Services

From: *Mother*
Date: Fri, Nov 15, 2019, 1:46 PM
Subject: Re: Bus 405 (72) Concern
To: Desmond Hughes <>
Cc: Donna C. Hanlin <>

Mr. Hughes,
I find this unacceptable. As you also claimed that the video last year of *Student* being assaulted was lost.
Do you not find that odd? How can you witness things when the videos are continually lost or damaged?
Since the video was pulled due to another concern do you also not find that odd? The person watching the video should have some kind of report.
It is too convenient that the videos are lost and our emails are blocked so noone is held accountable.
If you investigated the incident why did you not reach out to talk to *Student*? We have also communicated several times about the second assault and no response from that email.


From: *Mother*

Sent: Friday, November 22, 2019 7:20 PM
To: Desmond Hughes <>; Donna C. Hanlin <DHANLIN@WCBOE.ORG>; David Owens <>; Kimberly Miles <>; Chris Nunzio <>
Subject: *Student*

I want to follow up on a couple of concerns that can be addressed before our meeting.

Keep in mind *Student* sits in the first row to the right of the driver for *Student's* protection. Unless the bus is lacking complete control, the driver has poor hearing ( which we know that can't be because of his DOT physical) or he ignores everything there is no way to not hear or see at least most of this.

First of all has anyone reviewed the video from October 21st yet?

When will the investigation that Dr. Hanlin said would produce more facts begin?

Six weeks is a long time to wait to start an investigation.

When did Mr. Hughes discover the video from October 9th had been erased by one of the staff members? When this was discovered why did he or another staff member not reach out to *Student* immediately to start the investigation?

Why with 2 separate complaints on bus 405 on the same day, October 9th was that video not preserved? It would seem logical that the video would be saved or stored for future reference.

These concerns are extremely reasonable considering how poorly the assaults last year were handled after finding the videos unavailable. The investigation took weeks to get started and even the initial conversation with *Student* was not done improperly since Mr. Nunzio had all the witnesses and the person who assaulted *Student* in the same room to talk to them.

I hope everyone on this email realizes *Student's* safety will be addressed and will not be ignored. 

From: Kimberly Miles <>
Date: Mon, Nov 25, 2019, 2:41 PM
Subject: RE: *Student*
To: **Mother** , Desmond Hughes <>, Donna C. Hanlin <>, David Owens <>, Chris Nunzio <>

As indicated in previous email, we will address all concerns at the time of our meeting. Please let me know which of the offered dates/times would work best with your schedules. If there is a date/time that would work better than those offered, please share that with me so that I can check schedules of those involved and respond. Thank you.


From: *Father*
Date: Mon, Nov 25, 2019, 3:55 AM
Subject: How an assault should be handled
To: Donna C. Hanlin <>, David Owens <>, Michael Bowers <>, Desmond Hughes <>, Kimberly Miles <>, Chris Nunzio <>
Cc: Adams, Christopher Delegate <>, McCarthy, Patrick (Van Hollen) <>,

This is what happens when the school cares enough to immediately investigate an assault or sexual harassment. *see link at bottom*
The student reported it to the teacher, who reported it to the principal, who notified resource office and within 5 days charges where filed.

When we reported the incidents last year it took 3 weeks for the resource officer to become involved and this year we reported the October 9th assault on October 11th, which Mr. Hughes acknowledged he received and when will the investigation begin? We reported a second incident on October 21st several times, when will that investigation begin. No one has even spoken to *Student* about these assaults. The 2 videos from last year were lost and the one from October 9th was erased by a staff member after they viewed it following a separate complaint on the bus that day.

I know I had to cancel a meeting due to work on Friday but what has stopped anyone from talking to (Student*?

We trusted the school to protect him after the first assault and within 2 weeks no investigation, no word except Mr. Hughes acknowledgement that he received our formal request and then on October 21 another assault accord. I know several people who are or where in law enforcement and one thing they agree on is any investigation must begin immediately not several weeks or even months later.

Since then we have sent multiple emails, which are said to have been blocked by your software because they included words that *Student* should not have heard but that were said to him repeatedly on the bus. Again keep in mind *Student* sits in the front row across from the driver.

We also have spoken to Ms. Thompson and Ms. Curtis from the school who said they would inform Mr. Nunzio but we did not get a call for almost 2 weeks after the first call.

If the emails where blocked and that is why no one reached out then why after two calls did no one reach out?

These are not acceptable responses to a child who loves school but feels that he is not protected by the school staff.

I will tell you that I have been told by Wicomico County School a administration staff member that they have not seen a school district worse than Wicomico for violence and lack of control and they used to work in Baltimore City.

I have had another say she would recommend we home school *Student* to keep him safe and he would learn more.

These are from your staff, how should we feel as parents?

*Student* deserves to be heard and to be safe.

The attached link is from a Maryland school.


Anonymous said...

So whats it going to be..more of the sam old same old nothing but more wasted funding. Thats whats gonna happen!!! unless we remove unions and the fat useful idiots on the BOE


Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the hell that your child and family are going through. I doubt seriously that the School system here will take care of this. I expect you have been advised to get an attorney. Sue this incompetent jerks. If you have not, do so immediately.
Do whatever you have to do to move your child to a private school. If you and/ore your wife need to work a second job, is that too much of a sacrifice?
This is a list of private schools in Wicomico County:
The Salisbury School, Salisbury Christian School, Faith Baptist School, Wicomico Day School, St. Francis de Sales Catholic School, Stepping Stones Learning Academy, Salisbury Baptist Academy, Salisbury Mennonite School.
Investigate them and find one that is suitable for your child and family.

Anonymous said...

1st: LAWYER! Excellent job documenting...well done!

2nd: take or make arrangements to take said child to and from school and send the BOE a bill for transportation. Advise them, in writing, of your intent. The BOE will not allow non-students on the bus for insurance purposes.

3rd: Advise the driver that your child WILL defend himself in the next instance. Enroll child in self defense/bullying classes at Southside JuJitsu.

4th: walk into the police station and file assault charges. Stop talking about doing it. You have a bus full of witnesses so you don’t need the tape.

You have a lot more restraint than I do. When this happened to my child, I walked into the principal’s office unannounced and said my child has my permission to defend him/herself by whatever means necessary. Then I gave my child a small bottle of pepper spray to pocket with strict instructions on how to use and when. Worked like a charm. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Nunzio always passes the buck. Remember Prince St., Mr. Nunzio??

Anonymous said...

I saw another article about the charles county assault and it stated that the principal at the school in Charles county dropped the ball and the students were simply kept apart. The father did what any father would do and notified the superintendent, who actually cares and brought in the resource officer. Unlike here where the superintendent simply pushes it off to her staff and refuses to do more than hire a consultant to give her advise.
My advise, and it is free, stop coddling the students and staff who do wrong. Or resign and let someone who can fix the issues come in and fix them.

Anonymous said...

Law suit! The Wicomico Board of Education needs an education. They have allowed the school system to become a disgrace. Too many fat cats protecting their salaries. Political correctness is out of control. The inmates are running the asylum. Keep voting/appointing Democrats. They have no backbone and cave to the bullies. How much more money to you want to pour into this mess? Wicomico is becoming unlivable. Fewer and fewer homeowners left to support the tax burden. Next step - even higher taxes. Get out while you can.

Anonymous said...

Face it. Your getting nowhere. What to do? Only you know. Take the child back and forth to school? You probably work. Private school? To costly. Then make it so they hate to see, or hear your name. Wear their asses out with correspondence. They're hoping you will give up. You can either be in between a rock and a hard place, or be the rock and hard place. Make the board of ED an every couple days visit. Make documents on every correspondence. I'm comin', and hells comin' with me! And that asshole Hughes needs to stop destroying the tapes. A mangy bastard.

Anonymous said...

My son went thru this at Bennett Middle. I enrolled him in self defense. I walked into the office and informed them if this happends again I have instructed him to take care of the situation. I also told them if I have to I will hire a body guard to change classes with him...No problem there after!!! He in turn protected others getting bullied..

Anonymous said...

Deny, Deflect, Diminish. Desmond Hughes is the husband of Delegate Sheree Hughes, so he is protected. Sue the school system. Get the child some karate lessons. Our children are sent into the jungle every day. When the perpetrator, bus driver and Hughes are all black, your Whit child will not get justice.

SomersetLady said...

If even half of this is true, it is HORRIBLE & UNACCEPTABLE. The immediate solution is to take the child out of that school or at least that bus route. Pay someone to pick him up. I don't care if you have to get another job, waitress, walk dogs, whatever, get him out. You can deal with the school later (if you even choose to go thru the hassle) but get your child OUT OF DANGER first and foremost. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to take care of your kids but it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

well you did a good job documenting your case. But expecting WBOE and the current collective that runs it you are not going to get anywhere. They just hunker down and wait you out! If the parents really got together and say started a blog where any student or teacher could voice what's happening every day in this insane asylum the public would be screaming for heads to roll!
get a lawyer don't waste your time with these fools!

Anonymous said...

You think the buses are bad the classrooms are worse. The superintendent has tied the hands of the administration and the teachers. Until you get leadership with common sense it will just keep getting worse. So to Dr Hanlin if you can't do the right thing then step down so someone can because you're failing these kids miserably.

Anonymous said...

Need an end to this Obama led nonsense. His policies have ruined this country from top to9 bottom.

Jerry McClain said...

We do know how bad it is our oldest son is an eighth grader at Salisbury middle.
This has to stop. How do we all stand up together? The parents and community members ate only strong if we stand together. Alone they will continue but united we can do whatnis right for our children.

Anonymous said...

More black eyes for the County.....poor leadership is all you can say! Nobody qualified to lead!!!

Anonymous said...

Lee Stevens would never allow this to happen


Anonymous said...

Parents, teachers contact this blog every day when something happens. Give the date time and any names that you can give. Tell what happened with details. Contact this blog again with the schools response or lack of. Teachers, why do you pay the union all those dues. They sure as heck aren't helping you any. They use you to jack up administrators paychecks. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what triple dip Owens job is for the B.O.E?

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff's office does not control the wboe

Anonymous said...

There are many many problems with this situation. ONE of the problems is Mr. Nunzio! This man was the principal at Beaver Run many years ago and was just terrible with the children then. I think he had a drinking problem, in addition to not being a good communicator with parents. It sounds like he hasn't improved since being at Beaver Run.

Anonymous said...

I think in light of the problems at all of the schools in Wicomico County and the Board of Education, we need new leadership.

The only fair and just thing that must happen next is for Donna Hanlin to resign. If you can't do the job, get someone else who is qualified to handle the job.

I think strong leadership is needed to quell the violence that has been happening on a daily basis since she took office.

Chris said...

Kids name is Anthony? Where does this little crotch gobblin get off the bus? Sounds like dad needs to be at that stop and have a face to face then a hand to face meeting with the bully. Try getting the redacted student's name into BJJ. Great for self confidence, self esteem and is made for the little guy to win against bigger predators. I think its horrible he has to take matters into his own hands like this, but if the garbage that is meamt to protect him isnt doing their job then at least your son will know how to use his bullies own arms to hug his neck until he takes a nap for a bit...

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering why the Sheriff's Office wasn't involved in this assault? Did you miss that part?

Anonymous said...


Paladin said...

Dear Readers,

I was quite dismayed to read this post. Never should this have been allowed to happen. Rather than chime in with the many comments about this, I offer the names and contact information of attorneys that are exceptionally experienced in civil law matters in this regard.

Travis Murell, Esq.
10 G St. NE
Suite 710
Washington D.C. 20002

Jennifer Blum, Esq.
1500 K St. NW
Washington, D.C 20005

Kind Regards,


Jerry McClain said...

My name is Jerry McClain. My wife Constance Curry had asked to have our names redacted but after much discussion have decided that we don't want to hide as anonymous and our son Noah said he wanted people to see he is not afraid.
We beleive that it will take many of us to fight this and appreciate the support.
In the emails you will see that last year on the same bus with the same driver Noah was assaulted and we did file complaints with both the MSP and the Sheriff's office. However by the time they investigated it was 4 weeks later and the school circled their wagons. Lost the videos and contaminated the witnesses by interviewing all of together with Noah and the assailant. The deputy stated this when he eventually interviewed Noah. The state attorney refused to file charges.
I don't know why everyone here is afraid to hold the school accountable. We contacted dozens of lawyers and they all would recommend some else saying they don't handle cases involving the school district.
We will teach out to the attorneys recommended here.
Thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

What takes the Sheriff's Office so long to investigate? They have School Resource Officers and many, many management Captains, Chiefs, etc. Make them do some work and make these schools safer. I always see them downtown. Downtown county admin buildings must be safer than the schools with all the "visits" down there.

Anonymous said...

Counsel and Bob Culver are you listening??.??. To much supervision at Sheriffs Office! You have the power MAKE IT STOP! You could start with this new Sgt posistion that's not needed.
They have a Sgt that sits a stone throw away from dispatch overseeing civil and dispatch. They have a Sgt just on the other side of the wall from dispatch who is in charge of road patrol. And now they have posted a Sgt posistion for dispatch! Why, why, why! Why haven't the two acting supervisors been moved back to there rank since the Sgt who was out is back. ASK ANY DEPUTY. You have a duty to ensure tax payers money is not wasted like this is.

Jerry McClain said...

I have reached out to the 2 lawyers you recommended. Ms. Blum is no longer at that firm. We also went to sheriff's office to give our statement and reached our to several other lawyers.
The next board meeting in 12/10/19 at noon. If you can make it go. Like most people I work at that time but will try to make it.

I find it difficult to understand why half of the board meetings are at noon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the lawyers won’t take your case because it’s a sign for you to move on. Toughen your little Noah up and quit babying him. He should stand up for himself.

Anonymous said...

He was arrested and charged with DUI or DWI - I don’t recall which one, and somehow he managed to keep working in the school system. After that incident, I had not heard any more about him or any issues until this occurred.

Paladin said...

Mr. McClain,

I sincerely wish you and your family the best. I have not spoke with Jennifer Blum in some time, and if you contacted Travis’ firm he will be responsive. Travis has worked
In this area for over 40 years. Should you decide to not select him, please do consider a very practiced and out of town attorney. Further, know that the Wicomico game plan will be to quietly settle and they will want a sealed settlement so that they can keep this quiet. Of course, you must proceed as advised, but if it were me, I would in no way agree and would utilize social media to further shed light on what has been an abhorrent way to run a school system.

Again, best of luck and kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD!! My child has also,been abuses by mr nunzio and his staff! I'm not on facebook so I didn't know there were other parents goin thru what I've been go in thru for the last TWO YEARS! I'm not crazy! Please contact me! I need someone to talk too! I have my own proof of whats been happening over the last TWO YEARS. Thank God I'm not alone!! Mr Nunzio need to be exposed! The NOR needs to be exposed!!

Jerry McClain said...

I don't have your contact information.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr.Nunzio has gotten a DUI. He got busted on nanticoke rd, I think it was 2015.I was told his brother is a lawyer out of Baltimore county somewhere. That might explain why he never gets in trouble for anything he does! Including treating his staff and students like CRAP at Westside intermediate school! A lot of people think it's a good school, but not in my experience! Mr. Nunzio is a SCUMBAG! Has anyone ever heard of retaliation in the public school system around here? Well, it means REVENGE. And yes, it does happen quite often in schools. It often happens because the school, or in my case, Mr. NUNZIO feels mistreated by parents or students. It is an abuse of power. It comes in the form of constant phone calls, exaggerated discipline, isolation, humiliation, and often the teachers and students will agree on who will engage in this behavior. It often takes place in the teachers own classroom where other students can view it, but not other teachers. Teachers bully students who make their job harder. Intentional embarrassment! Parents please watch out for these behaviors by Mr. Nunzio! He has been retaliating against my child for 2 years now. Parents, you will know when it's happening because it comes on really hard and fast! Suddenly your teacher is being rude and unkind, and will keep referring you to Nunzio. My situation couldn`t be more obvious! Nunzio isn`t even trying to hide the retaliation that's happening to my child! I was told last year that I better keep good records and write down all the meetings, and incidents,that happen. And thank God I have been! I absolutely have proof that my child has been isolated, humiliated, publicly embarrassed, and has received several excessive punishments! I have called Susan Jones several times. I also had a meeting with her in Nov. to ask her to please make Nunzio stop bullying my child. That got me nowhere. I was retaliated against EVEN HARDER! It couldn`t be more obvious now! This man, Nunzio, gets away with anything!! My child would cry and cry before having to go to school. My child has said to me several times " mommy, please dont make me go in there"! Its absolutely heartbreaking! How is this man allowed to get away with this behavior?! This is mental and emotion child abuse!! He needs to be stopped! How many other parents or students has he done this too?? Bullying is a form of emotional abuse. Mental abuse causes anxiety and depression. My child has anxiety from Westside intermediate school, because of Nunzio and his staff! Completely unacceptable! Susan Jones is a joke as well. She is the Director of Elementary schools. She protects her principles and vice principles at all costs! She needs to be Fired! Remember, she is one of the ones that was supporting Ms Eskridge all the way up until charges were filed...The Board of Ed is a joke! They are, without a doubt the most corrupt institution in wicomico county! Some of there own employees have even said That! I will join any blog, or group or anything to make sure the Bd of Ed, and Mr. Nunzio get exposed! More people need to stand up and make their voices heard! Don't allow this to happen to your child.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Nunzio runs Westside intermediate like a damn prison! The kids are not allowed to act like kids. Any age appropriate behavior, or mistake is always "being disrespectful"! I can't stand It! Mr. NUNZIO encourages tattle tailing! And then will punish your child whether it's true or not. Anyone can tell anything they want about another student and the other student will be punished! I hate west side intermediate school! Mardela district is way better! Why do you think people will lie, cheat, and steal to get their kids in there.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how people actually believe that just because someone makes an accusation that they must be truthful people/children. Not always the case. Especially in this situation. This family has problems, that are no where to be found in this chain of emails. CPS intervention everywhere they live. Frequent movers due to their issues in that family.

Christin Donaway said...

Have a face to face with a 7 year old ??you are what’s wrong with society so thirsty for attention you don’t fact check before you jump on the band wagon do yourself a favor and look the Noah’s parents up? Maybe you’ll see all the child abuse cases against them? Stupid ass people

Christin Donaway said...

Jerry McClain I am Anthony’s mother you know exactly where I live if there was such a serious issue and you weren’t getting any ansers from the school why wouldn’t you contact me to resolve your so called issues since you stated you would do anything for your child because I wasn’t even aware of this situation until a couple hours ago and since being made aware I’ve already been to your home to contact you or your wife but I was told she was to drunk to open the door as I’ve also pulled your backgrounds which show child abuse charges last year 2018 I do not appreciate your totally bogus allegations against my child and my lawyer is already handling the situation per you and Salisbury news involvement in this matter is my son perfect absolutely not but all of this is 100% lies which is the reason nothing has been done on the schools end because they have pulled the videos on the bus and NO ONE did anything to your son and your son is older than my son if you any questions or concerns you would like to talk about please contact me I’ve been at the same address for 15 years we live in a very small town it only took all of 5 minutes to get your address (which I’ve already been there to try to resolve this) so if you would like to talk please come see me I have no problem dealing with you or your wife if not please leave my child’s name out of your mouth

Anonymous said...

Didnt Nunzio put a restraining order on a real set of parents cause they went toe to toe with him while standing up for their child? Coward. As for the Bus...this is sickening. They replace the driver aka owner of bus 72 (because he fell asleep at a stop while picking a child up....yeah, mr. Smoak said that footage to was unfound yet the parent woke the driver and pulled the kid right back off, reported to police because other kids were on the bus still, followed the bus, NO POLICE ever came or followed up, went in school, told to call transportation, and didn't get a call back for 2 days and by then the video was gone) with a man who obviously doesnt need to be the driver of 20+ wicomico county children. Have parents of the children still on this route been notified of the issues or investigation?

Anonymous said...

I do not agree. Not only are they working to keep their son safe but others too. Thankfully they are letting others know whats going on because wcboe sure will not.

Jerry said...

Excuse me. Child abuse cases against us

Anonymous said...

All families have issues. This one has an ex husband that never paid a dime in child support but always calls CPS and makes false claims of child abuse. All have been cleared. Frequent movers due to all the false harrassment.
CPS has to follow up on all claims even if they are false. Know all the facts before making your claims.