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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Hillary Clinton Spotted at Gala Opening of Tyler Perry Studios Wrapped in Last Year’s Curtains Amid Rumors of 2020 Run

Bill and Hillary Clinton attended the gala opening of Tyler Perry studios in Atlanta on Sunday evening amid rumors Hillary may launch a 2020 bid for the White House.

Hillary Clinton always cozies up to the rich and famous elites — especially when she’s making a run for the White House. reported: The 330-acre space in Atlanta — the first studio exclusively owned by an African-American — features 12 soundstages named for black entertainment icons, and sits on a former Confederate Army base.

Hillary Clinton was spotted at the event wrapped in a gold and white muumuu.

This woman wanted (wants) to be president of the United States. Let that sink in.



Anonymous said...

Run, Hilliary, Run!
Lose, Hilliary, Lose!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter. Not a democrat anywhere in sight that will when. Even hard core democrats will be voting for Trump. They will not admit, but they will. The democrat party has lost its marbles.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...330 acre space in Atlanta; 12 sound stages named for black entertainment icons? Thought this was the state, Georgia, Hollywood was boycotting over the Alyssa Milano tirade on the abortion ruling. What gives? And Hillary in attendance???? Is she backtracking here? Oh big $$$$ involved, keep your eye on the prize Hillary; and of course Bill can ogle at will.

TheRealRay said...

Why are blacks lining up to have their pictures taken with the Clinton's ? I can see lowlife cummin', but all the others. Haven't they realized they are being used ?

Anonymous said...

Hard core democrats don't have enough sense to vote for Trump. They are politically blind

Anonymous said...

Pandering to the Black's. What did she do for the black community again?? But they will do what Master Clinton wants them too.