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Monday, August 12, 2019

ICYMI: How Elizabeth Warren’s Michael Brown Tweet Got The Tomahawk Chop

In the summer of 2014, Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. It set off days of intense protests. It was one of the incidents that set off the Black Lives Matter movement and it spawned the “hand up, don’t shoot” lie. Brown wasn’t murdered. It was a clean police-involved shooting. Federal investigators also noted that the evidence analyzed initially did not differ when they re-reviewed everything concerning whether to file civil rights charges. In other words, the physical evidence backed up the story that Brown had reached for Wilson’s gun and fought with the former law enforcement officer. Attorney General Eric Holder cleared Wilson. The Obama DOJ cleared Wilson. Wilson did not murder Brown, which is why Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s tweet about this incident got tomahawk chopped. Warren tweeted on the five-year anniversary of this incident.

Fox News’ Brit Hume torched the Massachusetts liberal tweeting, “I don’t know which is worse: that she still believes this, or that she knows it’s false and says it anyway.”



Anonymous said...

She's just like Jake Day as long as it makes the media she doesn't care just likes to see her own picture, loves selfies and if my name is in print that is all she cares about. Good or bad it's attention. Bye Pocohontas

Anonymous said...

One thing you can say about the DemonRats is they are consistent with their lies. I am now at the "ho hum" stage when any of them speak or write.

Anonymous said...

That makes three. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris that alters the truth.

Anonymous said...

The media is run by our underground government.