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Saturday, August 03, 2019

Epstein's Lawyers Request A Full Year To Review A Million Pages Of Documents

Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein have asked a judge for "at least a year" to review a "blizzard" of documents that prosecutors have gathered against him in their case alleging sex trafficking in minors and conspiracy. Bloomberg reports that prosecutors have asked the judge for a trial in June of next year, but Epstein's defense team, led by attorney Martin Weinberg, responded that his team wanted to wait until September 2020 because they haven't yet begun to receive documents from the government.

In a hearing on Wednesday in Manhattan, Weinberg said:
“We need time to receive a million pages of discovery and prepare to defend a four- to six-week trial. We need time to assess events that occurred 14 to 17 years ago.”


Anonymous said...

We need to wait until after the 2020 elections!

Anonymous said...

NO way...

Anonymous said...

The swamp protecting its own just wait and see.