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Saturday, July 06, 2019

Nobody cares what you think, CBS.

This is a screenshot from YouTube post from CBS news regarding the criticism of Trump for his 4th of July parade.

Pay attention to the likes and dislikes statistic.

Click HERE to see the video and read the comments.


Anonymous said...

Visit the YouTube video and tell them what you think. 👍👎

Anonymous said...

The left is living in an alternate reality.

Anonymous said...

As if the Democrats would have done anything at all. Congress members went on vacation to the Islands or another country starting the week of 4th of July. Most people worked on the 4th or had that day and the next day off. Yet Congress wants a 5,000.00 raise for doing absolutely nothing. They have more vacations than any other organization (maybe teachers). Didn't see many politicians at Mall 4th of July celebration - did you?