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Friday, July 12, 2019

Illegal immigrant population to surge 10% this year, flood schools

The continued surge of Latin American illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border will lead to hundreds of thousands being released into the country, increasing the already massive population of migrants by some 10%, according to a new analysis.

“We anticipate more than 700,000 migrants will successfully enter the country, increasing the unauthorized Hispanic population by nearly 10%,” said the influential Princeton Policy Advisors.

What’s more, wrote the group’s president Steve Kopits in a memo provided to Secrets, “By year end, nearly 300,000 migrant children are expected to enter the U.S. Over time, these will show up in the U.S. public school system.”



TheRealRay said...

And local officals want to raise your taxes to pay for new school buildings to accommodate them. No more bullshit. Help us President Trump...

Anonymous said...

All of these teachers unions who, directly or indirectly support the Democratic tickets, will be so sorry in a few years.
They're going to get what they asked for. And most states and counties won't have the money to increase their wages and benefits.
Too bad, so sad.