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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Gun-controlled Chicago: Police 'are losing the streets' to major eruptions of violence

Chicago’s new mayor is taking issue with the city's police department as the city continues to see far more homicides than New York and Los Angeles, as well as major eruptions of other violence.

“One weekend does not make a trend,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Tuesday, according to Fox 32. “But we've now had a couple weekends where it feels like we are losing the streets.”

The mayor made the comments while in New York to attend the opening of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, which is funded by billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg "to equip [mayors] with the tools and expertise to effectively lead complex cities."

Lightfoot's comments also came off the back of one of the city's bloodiest weekends so far this year, in which more than 40 people shot, nine of them fatally.

Right before Independence Day, 50 people were shot. And despite the deployment of an extra 1,200 officers in the city, at least 43 people were shot over Memorial Day weekend, seven of them fatally.

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Roscoe said...

thanks to Obama and his race baiting

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Way too simple. Despite having most restrictive gun laws in the country, only the perps and thugs and gangs are packing heat.

John Q Citizen is left to dodge the bullets.

And the new mayor is out of town rubbing elbows with the elite.

Anonymous said...

We need a civil war in Chicago.Quit the bickering and have an all out battle.

Anonymous said...

12:49 AM...there already is a civil war in Chicago. However, look at who is getting shot and who is doing the shooting. The unfortunate aspect is the collateral damage in the form of innocent children who are in the midst of the senseless violence between warring gangs for rundown, dilapidated, rat infested turf.

Anonymous said...

It might be rundown, dilapidated, rat infested turf but it is home to a lot of good heroine customers.

Anonymous said...

7:56 those innocent children grow up to be Gang members so this is preventive.

Anonymous said...

You can thank a liberal in power for that.

Anonymous said...

Fly several plane's over the city. Drop drugs and sit back. Relax. Watch the show.

Anonymous said...

Implement a bullet replacement plan, it could work just like the needle replace program does. Turn in a spent case for a brand new loaded cartridge, with no expiration date.