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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Contaminated Soil From Caustic Acid Spill Removed From Berlin Park

BERLIN – Contaminated soil has been removed from Berlin Falls Park following a chemical spill last week.

A small section of Berlin Falls Park remains fenced-off this week in the wake of a spill of what is believed to be caustic acid. Mayor Gee Williams issued a statement acknowledging the incident this week.

“A chemical spill was located adjacent to two ponds in Berlin Falls Park on Wednesday, June 27,” Williams said. “The Town of Berlin immediately contacted hazardous materials crews who were in the park Wednesday evening to begin cleaning up the spill. Chesapeake Environmental Services (CES) completed the clean-up of the impacted area by early Friday evening.”

Williams said the town had contacted the Maryland Department of the Environment as well.



Anonymous said...

Wait until they dig deeper into the grounds of the old plant.there will be alot more contaminated soil on the property.they obviously didn't do their research prior to buying the land.they would of know the stored chemicals were left behind.hold on residents,get ready for a park cleanup tax.the old pill popping,thief ex council woman was in on the deal!

Anonymous said...

Name names

Anonymous said...

If i recall correctly there was a report for a full cleaning of property including the sewage lagoons of 700,000 cost. Never was done. Matter of time before someone drowns and town is sued. They cant take care of the simple walking trail in the park at Stephen decatur park. It has major trip hazards. The idiot risk manager Fleetwood that seems to get more and more job titles every week and driving a town vehicle home to Laurel everyday at taxpayer's expense. Look at the next agenda with spend it all gee and laura bringing back up to build the pea pond and raise the stormwater taxes.