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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


It appears that 2018 proved a very busy year for Vincenzo Giurbino, a plumber with the New York City Housing Authority.

The 65-year-old city worker’s payroll numbers indicated he put in an average 16-hour day every single day he worked — reaping him more than $300,000 in salary and overtime.

According to data obtained by THE CITY, Giurbino recorded 1,835 hours of overtime on top of the 1,449 hours of regular time NYCHA says he clocked fixing toilets and leaky pipes in public housing in Brooklyn.

That puts him in an exclusive category: He’s the only NYCHA worker to clock more overtime than regular hours. And his OT take alone exceeded Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s salary.



Anonymous said...

interesting. give welfare to non workers yet this guy makes more in OT than regular hours. something wrong with the system.

Anonymous said...

Just say NO to 'plumbers' crack.

Anonymous said...

OTOH, he performed a lot more of a public service than any of the Cuomo's combined.

Anonymous said...

Another state that's going down the toilet too
Thanks to the democrats