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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Democrats Displace U.S. Kids to Favor Economic Migrants

The Democrat-run city of Albuquerque is forcing U.S. kids out of city accommodations to provide cheap temporary housing for foreign migrants.

The first victims were American children in a state 4H club who were expecting to use the temporary accommodation at the Expo New Mexico convention center for a four-day horse riding course.

“My daughter was in tears about this,” Dr. Donny MacDougall told, which continued:

“We were extremely disappointed when we have a quality facility like Expo New Mexico and the rug gets ripped out from under our kids’ feet,” MacDougall says.

Just days ago, parents received a letter explaining the camp would now be held in Las Cruces because the state wants to use the dorms to help with the rush of asylum-seekers entering the U.S.

“A different venue is a challenge for a lot of parents. It will cost more money and be more difficult logistically to get the kids there,” MacDougall says.

“The city says this was an opportunity to save money for the [pro-migration] organizations that help the asylum seekers,” according to



Anonymous said...

But it is ALL for the KIDS, but not yours!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A Soros funded, Soros approved invasion.

And don't kid yourself about the "humanitarian efforts". Follow the money and you'll find someone raking in the bucks to settle these "asylum-seekers".

I call BS on all of it!

Anonymous said...

Burn it down

anonymous said...

For the kids goes all the way back to 1600 when Britian sent children off the streets from England,Ireland, Scotland, a few were Germans to work the land in the new country,they were cleaning up their Streets.Sometime I think this world has gone mad. This does have Soros name all over it.