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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Low-dose aspirin increases risk of bleeding in the skull - particularly for healthy slim people with no history of heart issues, study finds

Taking low-dose aspirin could increase the risk of bleeding in the skull, especially among those with no history of heart issues, a new report finds.

Low-dose aspirin has been recommended in the past for older adults as a method to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke by preventing blood clots.

But several recent studies have found this positive benefit is negated by the increased risk of internal bleeding.

Now, a new review finds that taking low-dose aspirin regularly raises the risk of a type of skull bleeding, known as an intracranial hemorrhage.



Anonymous said...

My doctor keeps wearing me out about taking low-dose aspirin, and I keep seeing new articles saying I shouldn't. I wish he would get caught up.

He's 82 and it's hard to argue with him.. I just smile and move on.

Anonymous said...

Just like growing up ..they were called : Sun Spots ( on people's Arms) ...Now Those are Called : Skin Cancer ! Getting older sure can be plenty confusing ! Lol

Anonymous said...

If aspirin were discovered today it wouldn't be legal.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna keep taking it come hell or high water. I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Anonymous said...

Why is it cardologist prescribe the newest drug which costs hundreds of dollars and yet there is a generic.

Anonymous said...

Because they can and the kickback is higher.+