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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Dog Found In Fruitland UPDATED::: OWNER FOUND

There was a friendly little male dog running around unattended, near the circle close to the Fruitland Walmart,  causing a few of us passerbys  to be concerned  that it was going to get hit by a car. We took it to Johnson and Mckee animal hospital on Snow HIll Road, to see if it was chipped so the could identify the owner. It wasn't so we were hoping you would post this to see if anyone comes forward to claim their dog.  They just need to contact animal hospital, and provide proof that he's theirs.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Kelly and others. That little pup wouldn't have a chance in traffic. Hope it get's home. Likely will because the recovery rate is great on here, thank's to the editor.

Anonymous said...

The dog's owner has been located. Thanks Joe!