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Thursday, February 28, 2019

UC Berkeley employee celebrated attack on conservative

An employee at the University of California, Berkeley, is facing backlash after expressing glee online at the news that a conservative activist was attacked on campus earlier this week.

Yuvi Panda, who works as a DevOps architect for Berkeley’s Data Science Education Program, tweeted Wednesday night that the reported attack against a Leadership Institute employee on campus made him feel “so much better.”

Hayden Williams, a Leadership Institute field recruiter, told university police that a man struck him several times while he was helping Turning Point USA recruit conservatives on campus. Several videos of the incident showed Mr. Williams being cursed at and punched in the face. Police are still searching for the suspect.

Mr. Williams told Fox News that the suspect is “being hailed as a hero by the campus community” and that people are refusing to give police any information out of solidarity with the assailant.



Anonymous said...

The university and cops don't want to find the suspect.

Anonymous said...

Best thing to do is stop going into enemy territory. Let them have their little campus. Once they leave it and go into the real world, they will get their a$$ kickin'.

Anonymous said...

Another reason for concealed carry!