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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Report: President Trump’s Cabinet as Diverse as Yale University’s

A new report reveals that President Donald Trump’s cabinet is as diverse at Yale University’s cabinet.

In response to a slate of articles condemning the lack of diversity in the Trump administration, a report from The College Fix has revealed that Trump’s cabinet is no less diverse than Yale University’s cabinet.

Since the beginning of the Trump presidency, outlets such as the New York Times, CNN, and The Atlantic have attacked the Trump administration for a lack of diversity

Both Yale University’s cabinet and Trump’s cabinet include 16 white males. Of the 28 members of Yale University’s cabinet, only two are not white. Meanwhile, three members of Trump’s smaller 26 member cabinet are not white. Both Trump and Yale President Peter Salovey are white men.



Anonymous said...

Well, there you go!

Anonymous said...

WHO CARES!!! Hiring for race, gender or ethnicity is wrong and stupid. I don't care if they are Purple. We should want the BEST people for the job at hand...NOT a racist issue. PERIOD!!!