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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hayward: CBO’s Obamacare Failure Is a Devastating Blow to Socialism

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a little-noticed report last week that confirms what Obamacare critics said from Day One: the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates for the cost and impact of the Affordable Care Act were off by enormous margins.

American voters should carefully consider this object lesson when evaluating all socialist promises. If socialists couldn’t predict the effect of Obamacare accurately, how can anyone trust their predictions for vastly larger and more complex government takeovers like “Medicare for All” or the “Green New Deal?”

The whoopsy-daisy analysis from CMS released last Wednesday would have been an atomic bomb dropped on Obamacare if it came out before the Affordable Care Act was signed, and it would have seriously derailed Democrat scaremongering during the Obamacare repeal battle of 2017, but as Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner noted, the truth was “literally a footnote” when it dribbled out in 2019.



Anonymous said...

Remember, I told you first here, that California is setting up a police force that is solely in the field of green energy and all of that... Think ab out this Green new deal... Wait until you have a swat raid at your house over how much energy you use... It is coming, this is fact, maybe not now but a few months ago, you could find the documentation on the cities websites in the state of California... but you will learn when you find out the hard way since that is what you stupid people need to do to ever learn anything...

Anonymous said...

Conservatives, independents with brians, and the democrat politicians knew exactly the danger of the ACA. Only the democrat voting sheep did what they were told and now we have the ACA. The ACA has created additional people now dependent on government. It worked splendidly for the democrats.

Anonymous said...

The so called "Affordable" care act was Only "Affordable"
to the Blacks who it was intended for by Obama !!! Fact

and .....make the Whites pay for it !!!!