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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

El Paso a Major Smuggling Route for Mexican Drugs, Illegal Aliens, & Islamic Terrorists

President Donald Trump’s El Paso visit is a great opportunity to point out that the west Texas city is a rats’ nest of law enforcement corruption, a major smuggling route into the U.S. for Mexican drugs, illegal immigrants, and Islamic terrorists and the headquarters of a sophisticated narco-terror ring operated by two of the FBI’s most wanted. While local officials promote it as one of America’s safest cities, Judicial Watch has exposed in a years-long investigation the disturbing reality gripping the municipality that sits along the Rio Grande across famously violent Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) says El Paso is a major hub for Mexican opioids and methamphetamine en route to the rest of the United States. Just a few days ago U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released figures showing that the El Paso sector had an astounding 1,588% increase in illegal immigrant apprehensions during the first month of 2019 compared to the first month of 2018. Most are coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Drugs and Central Americans aren’t the only things being smuggled in through El Paso. Islamic terrorists are also making it into the U.S. with the help of Mexican drug cartels. Judicial Watch exposed an operation in which Mexican drug cartels smuggle foreigners from countries with terrorist links into a small rural town near El Paso by using remote farm roads—rather than interstates—to elude the Border Patrol and other law enforcement barriers. The foreigners are classified as Special Interest Aliens (SIA) and are transported to stash areas in Acala, a rural crossroads located around 54 miles from El Paso on a state road – Highway 20. Once in the U.S., the SIAs wait for pick-up in the area’s sand hills just across Highway 20.

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Anonymous said...

Witnessing it first hand you liberal socialist idiots will be pissing in your boots once these terrorists start their agendas here on united States soil. You'll be begging for Trump's help then

Anonymous said...

Immigration is simple. Just knock on the door and request to come in. After that, it's up to your host country to decide whether you truly need and deserve to become an American.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi should have to house them in her walled and gated home. A wall is utilized to keep her plastic face safe but screw America right. Libtards need to be hung

Anonymous said...

We now are worried about El Paso? Its been there HOW many years? Chicken sh*t DEMS!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's the smuggling route for Democrats entering U.S !