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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Goodwin: Refusal to budge on border wall shows Dems still hung up on 2016

After watching the dueling prime-time speeches last night, it was easy to come away with the idea that the dispute is simply over the president’s demand for wall funding and the partial government shutdown. As such, it should be easy for the president and Dems to cut a split-the-difference deal and move on to the next problem.

After all, isn’t that why they were hired?

If only things were as simple as they appear. In fact, the Democrats’ refusal even to consider any kind of border barrier and other serious measures illustrates that the dispute is merely a proxy for the real issue dividing the nation: 2016.

Like generals fighting the last war, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are fixated on the last presidential election. Their refusal to let it go and get on with governing in a divided Congress is a shameful sign of how radical their party has become since Trump’s election.



Anonymous said...

TDS is still a crisis among Democrats.

Anonymous said...

It's amusing to see just how immature our society is. When you get into people's heads the way Trump has he must be doing something right. Don't hare the player hate the game, he's just better at it than you are

Anonymous said...

I guess the Republicans refusal to budge on the same issue in 2017 when they controlled all of the government means they were still sore over the 2016 not so sure, I think these premises and conclusions are flawed. Don't seem to hold up to scrutiny.