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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

She's lying

Kavanaugh's accuser is lying.

Her story has so many holes that it looks like Swiss cheese. Her ever increasing demands, made through her feminist attorney – a dead ringer for Skeletor – and her whiny excuses for not attending (she says she's afraid of flying – a psychologist who has never received therapy for this very easily treatable phobia?) are simply a transparent tactic to delay, if not derail, the confirmation until the blue wave of the elections paralyzes all future nominations. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure this out. Needless to say, Da Sisters are behind her in full shrieking mode.

The shrieking feminists insist that she should be automatically believed, she should not be "bullied" (i.e., questioned or doubted). "The poor rape victim" meme has totally saturated society, to the point that it is considered to be the height of boorishness to question the veracity of an accusation of rape. In this day and age, accusation is simply enough to derail careers, especially since the leftist media are complicit. The accuser must not be doubted. After all, women are incapable of lying. Or manipulation.

Here are a number of instances where a so-called rape victim lied through her teeth, whatever her motivation might have been:



Anonymous said...

The Duke lacrosse players' lives were ruined because of a fake rape allegation.

And who remembers the false story of Towana Brawley?

Anonymous said...

Yup, lying. Yup,her attorney is complicit in her lying. Yup, Feinstein is complicit in the conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe she THINKS she's telling the truth.Call me crazy,but this is a something other than it appears from the outside.In my opinion she has been subjected to some form of hypnosis or mind control.

Anonymous said...

It's all revenge against him and his family because his mother was the judge and did the foreclosure on her parents home. She has a grudge against him and his family. This is her way of getting even.