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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bill Cosby's star will not be removed from the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bill Cosby is about to spend the next three to 10 years in prison for sexual assault, but that doesn’t seem to phase the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in the least bit.

In a statement Tuesday, officials said the convicted comedian would be allowed to keep his star on the Walk of Fame — despite widespread calls to remove it.

“The stars only commemorate the recipient’s professional accomplishments,” the statement said, describing the Walk of Fame as a “historical record of entertainment figures past and present.”

“Once installed, the stars become part of the historic fabric of the Walk of Fame … and are intended to be permanent,” officials added. “It is regrettable when the personal lives of inductees do not measure up to public standards and expectations; however, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce does not remove stars from the Walk of Fame.”



Anonymous said...

Wow then I guess they should install one for Harvey Weinstein then
Nothing new there

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with that.
While they're at it, go ahead an install one for the "Zodiac Killer".

Anonymous said...

Um, I'm confused, as they just removed Donald Trump's star. Yet, he has not been convicted of a crime.

Anonymous said...

I am offended by this. Also, if there are any acknowledgements of nobama, get rid of his nasty bad self.

Anonymous said...

A purportedly legitimate news outlet, and they can't use "phase" properly.

Anonymous said...

They want Confederate statues and Southern Flags Removed

so , WHY the hell Not Remove his ??? (because he is Black )

Anonymous said...

Lets build a WALK OF SHAME next to the one of FAME !!!