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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Hearing in Doubt? Christine Ford’s Lawyer Rips Senate Plan to Have Prosecutor Ask Questions

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford‘s legal team has sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee amid continuous negotiations ahead of Thursday’s scheduled hearing.

In the letter addressed to Sen. Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Ford’s legal team cites Sen. Majority Leader’s Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) speech on the Senate floor on Monday afternoon as “flatly inconsistent” with Grassley’s promise of a “fair and credible process.”

“In our view, the hiring of an unnamed ‘experienced sex crimes prosecutor’ as Mr. Davis described in his email, is contrary to the Majority’s repeated emphasis on the need for the Senate and this Committee’s members to fulfill their constitutional obligations,” attorney Michael Bromwich wrote.

[Rush Limbaugh: You’re never gonna hear from her! She’s never gonna show up. ]


Anonymous said...

I just read that Kavanaugh found his calendar from high-school that contradicts her story.
But, seriously, what kid in high school kept a calendar like that. No wonder he got into Ivy league schools. And, who keeps those, anyway??

Anonymous said...

Dave T: It's a complete setup. And disgusting to see a pack of psychopaths try to see how far they can get away with outright lies. I guess we are just supposed to believe that it's a coincidence that Ms. Ford now needs to speak? Sorry, I covered large numbers of sex crime victims during my time in journalism and this is far from the demeanor I've ever observed from a real victim. This is nothing but a political stunt and a really stands to show just how low liberal politics have become. It's also a disgrace to all the real victims out there that have suffered. Be ashamed liberals! You stand for all things wrong in today's society. Very, very disappointing to see this is what politics today have become.

Anonymous said...

Cry me a river

Anonymous said...

She will never testify. The dems are trying to stall this until the mid term election.

Anonymous said...


Yes and notice how every time another revelation comes out the dumbocrats say we need to delay and investigate forever.

Anonymous said...

How the heck does she get to dictate the terms of her testimony? If the story is true, come and tell it. If it is a bucket of BS, then thats when you twist and squirm and come up with conditions and caveats.