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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Phone Scam Press Release

On December 28, 2018 the Fruitland Police Department began receiving calls from individuals stating that they were returning calls from the Fruitland Police Department. The number that was provided was a Fruitland Police number, however it was not a main line. It is believed that the number was cloned or is being used by a phone line “Spoofing” application by a telephone scammer. Those that answered the call stated that the scammer is trying to convince the receiver to commit Medicare fraud and purchase back and neck braces. The scammer is in no way affiliated with the Fruitland Police Department. 

This case is currently under investigation.


Anonymous said...

Yet, the same commercials proliferate most late night cable TV shows, along with "law firms" urging you to file your asbestos claims with them. #keepcheering

Anonymous said...

Why do you have cable#keepcomplaining

Anonymous said...

They use local personal #s, Business #s etc. Use a whistle when they call. Phone companies should have a mandatory button on all phones they you can hit and send a high pitch signal that would harm their ears or destroy the robocall machine. Why can that not be done in this age of tech.