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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Ed Rollins: Mr. Trump, Mueller's team is the best. Yours must be even better. -- Prep for battle and lawyer up

After this week of political and legal drama, what comes next?

This week reminded me of the Watergate hearings of the 1970s, when I was part of the Nixon administration and every day was a day of anticipation. What would the Washington Post or the New York Times break next?

In those days there was no social media or cable television, so what you read in your newspapers or watched on the evening network news carried the story.

To those of us currently riveted by the drama and concerned about where it may go, we obviously want to know what’s next. Unfortunately, only one person really knows the full picture and what the strategy and timeline are.

The president doesn’t know. His lawyers don’t know. The Congress doesn’t know. The Supreme Court doesn’t know. The media don’t know. And certainly, the public doesn’t know.

The man who knows is Robert Mueller. Hopefully, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker knows some of it, but I doubt it. And that’s one of the problems with the special counsel game.



Anonymous said...

I believe the whole affair is political theatre to keep the population distracted from more important topics. Topics such as: the economic collapse, the currency collapse, banking crimes of the TBTF corporations, weather modification operations, so on.

Anonymous said...

When your investigation isn't bound by the law it's illegal.

Anonymous said...

When one thinks of the magnitude of this action to bring down a lawfully elected President based on false evidence and allegations, it should cause “alarm bells’ to go off in every fiber of their being regardless of their political beliefs.

1. It demonstrates the mindset of the entrenched bureaucracy, (CIA, FBI and State Dept.), strengthened by actions and policies of the previous Admininstration (Obama), that they are all powerful and do not have to relinquish power to someone they do not approve of.

2. The “Special Counsel” investigation that has been ongoing for approximately two years is quickly being seen for what it is, an attempt to destroy Trump, and demean the office of the Presidency.

3. The sad consequences are the families that are being caught up in this “scam” and our Country’s prestige and reputation that is being tarnished globally.

The good news may be that President Trump possesses the courage, fortitude and strength to overcome this horrible charade being perpetrated by primarily the Democrats and their bureaucratic allies still entrenched in government, and will persevere not only to complete his present term, but to be re-elected and in the course of it all, bring the true usurpers of law and order to justice; thus once again re-establishing strongly a government of, for and by the people. To succeed he will need our support and prayers.

Wolf Dog said...

I believe the whole affair is a conspiracy against President Trump

Anonymous said...

Well stated