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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Trump Defies 'Fake News' CNN: 'I Will Sign' MAGA Hats for the Troops

President Donald Trump responded to media complaints on Thursday because he signed Make America Great Again hats for the troops overseas.

“If these brave young people ask me to sign their hat, I will sign,” Trump wrote on Twitter, defying CNN and other media reports complainingabout his token of appreciation for soldiers overseas.

Trump signed dozens of campaign MAGA hats for soldiers who brought them during his surprise visit to troops in Germany and Iraq.



Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

Anonymous said...

Communist News Network is absolutely clueless.

Anonymous said...

Says the only President in recent history to not visit wounded vets during the holidays... but make it all about HIM, that megalomaniacal maniac is all over it. It's never America first with that blow hard, only Trump First.