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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Grifter Hillary Peddles Expensive Tickets to 'An Evening With The Clintons' Going Into Thanksgiving Holiday!

Lifelong grifter, Hillary Clinton peddled expensive tickets to ‘An Evening With The Clintons’ going into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Bill and Hillary are embarking on a 7-month tour dubbed ‘An Evening with the Clintons’ where they will hit 13 cities.

A top ticket VIP seat costs upwards of $750.00, but don’t worry, if you are one of Bill and Hillary’s poorer fans, the ticket will only cost you $100-$200.

The grifters will speak on topics such as their time at the White House to Hillary’s failed presidential run in 2016.



Anonymous said...

Will they take questions such as Hillary, what comments do you have on the latest A&E special on Bill's affair with Monica?"

Anonymous said...

Bill did Hillary actually hit you with a lamp? Does she often physically abuse you? Why are you still together. This Clinton event would be fun if it wasn't so phony.

Anonymous said...

The tickets could be free but I still would not go listen to those two liars.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe these people, don't they ever
get enough money???

Anonymous said...

You couldn't pay me to attend.