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Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Viewer Writes: Trouble getting Fox news on Comcast


I'm interested to see if anyone else is having issues with picture and sound (pixelating) on the Fox News channel? It is the ONLY channel with that issue. I checked Comcast forums, and other people have reported the same.

Might there be a coincidence that Comcast owns MSNBC, CNBC, etc.?

Publishers Notes: I personally have not had any issues with Fox but I will say this, I have been cracking up all week as channel 9, the old WRDE channel now owned by WBOC hasn't had sound THE WHOLE WEEK! Those Idiots kept the same staff to run that stupid station and clearly don't even watch it. When I was surfing the channels, (I believe it was Sunday) and they had the football game on, you could barely hear the American announcers but the foreign announcers were louder then the Americans and it was the most annoying thing I had ever seen/heard. 


Anonymous said...

scumbag Soros has his own switch.

Anonymous said...

Don't think it isn't going to happen ? Control the media Soros already has done next is NO control of the boarders welcome world Islam.

Anonymous said...

Also have had trouble listening to Limbaugh and Hannity in last month.

Anonymous said...

Comcast is a monopoly and makes certain the politicians don't allow any competition. Cable bills would be far lower if citizens had choices of cable companies. But, since the politicians are financially dependent on Comcast for election dollars there is little chance this will change.

Anonymous said...

Local governments are in control of whether or not there will be competition, franchise agreement