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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

London Coughing: Hillary Clinton Can’t Stop Hacking in the UK

2016 presidential loser filmed hacking uncontrollably – again!

Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton was filmed hacking up a storm again on Monday.

Clinton was attending a memorial for Eleanor Roosevelt at Mansfield College in England when she suffered a major coughing spell and asked for water.

Here is Mrs Clinton, spluttering her way through Mansfield College and asking for a glass of

— Harrison Jones (@OxMailHarrisonJ) October 8, 2018

The cough is reminiscent of the former Secretary of State’s numerous coughing attacks during the 2016 election.



Anonymous said...

She should carry a canteen, or a Bota bag filled with Chardonnay, one to match her current adaptive wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Her throat it irritated from runnung her mouth for so many years. Now is the time for her to just SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that she and Bill still have a big stash of coke somewhere from their days in the Arkansas governor's mansion, like enough to last the rest of their lives?

Anonymous said...

Old bitty have coccidiosis ??

Anonymous said...

One day she will stop coughing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 1:46

Anonymous said...