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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Peggy Grande: Dianne Feinstein shows her true colors in the Kavanaugh fight

Senator Dianne Feinstein has had a long and illustrious career with moments of great leadership, but in the recent Kavanaugh hearings, the California Democrat exposed herself as a standard partisan hack, leading the charge into an unnecessary, and losing battle. As a result, she showed that she and her party are desperate and power hungry, but are NOT champions for women.

Growing up in California I have known of Senator Feinstein all my adult life. In fact, she had a condo in Los Angeles right across the street from where Ronald Reagan’s office was and where I worked for 10 years. We crossed paths on several occasions and even though we are on different sides of the political aisle I always found her to be cordial, measured, a voice of reason and common sense that could be relied upon, even if her ultimate conclusion or vote was one I didn’t agree with or support.

What happened to THAT Dianne Feinstein? After so many admirable years of public service, how did she drift so far out of the mainstream? How did she lose the plot? Most Dems eventually do but I thought she was the exception to that. I was clearly wrong and am deeply disappointed in her, as are many Californians.

But this Judicial Committee hearing was never about justice for Dr. Ford or about hearing and validating her claims. It was about creating a narrative of negativity against Judge Kavanaugh, fabricating a cloud of suspicion and doubt that would hopefully fog the room and make it impossible to distinguish fact from fiction and cause chaos to the point that the Judiciary Committee would throw up their hands and say, “it’s just not worth it – let’s go with someone else.” Thank goodness they didn’t.



Anonymous said...

She's toeing the party line, which will undoubtedly add to her retirement benefits.

Anonymous said...

She is pure evil.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't validate Ford's claims or prove Kavanaugh's guilt.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money trail.. How much money would it take for YOU to sell your soul to the devil???

Anonymous said...

She's done something really bad and she's scared to death she'll be found out.